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Klinsmann publishes his video of private stadium

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Borussia Dortmund brings an important victory to Hertha BSC Berlin. After the red card against Mats Hummels shortly before the break, the BVB must fear until the end. Source: Omnisport

Anyone can see Jürgen Klinsmann's much discussed private video, which lasts approximately one minute. The new Hertha BSC coach posted on his Facebook page a short film he had made before the start of his first Bundesliga match.

Frank Zander's stadium anthem, "Just at Home," he had "always loved," revealed Klinsmann. "It's an identification with Hertha and Berlin," said the 55-year-old. Klinsmann waved his coach's hand with his mobile phone in the middle of the circle of professional photographers once all around the Olympic Stadium.

The action had also provoked strong reactions as the cover of his smartphone was showing the famous bands of the famous sportswear manufacturer Adidas. This competitor Nike is the official supplier of Berlin. Klinsmann spoke of a "spontaneous action", the smartphone had given him his wife.

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Klinsmann recognizes positive signals

After the failure of the coaching match against Borussia Dortmund (1: 2), Klinsmann must separate until the next match of his team, Friday at Eintracht Frankfurt, to receive positive signals and Clearly address the remaining deficits.

This does not concern his ideals as a coach. "But it's about what's realistic, the best for the team and the best way to get points," said New Berliner. After five consecutive defeats, Hertha returned to the rank of relegation after 13 days.

The first positive changes that Klinsmann has recognized. With 120.7 km, the team ran against BVB as much as ever before in the season. In terms of aggressiveness and determination, Berlin professionals have also improved. But again, the flaws were obvious. "We have not been able to replenish ourselves, and what we need to do better is to increase the pace," said the former national coach.

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