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FIFPro will play against Naples

The international federation of FIFPro players has challenged the salary cuts of the SSC Napoli football club against its own players.

The bottom is an internal revolt in the Italian big club: The penalties were imposed after the pros were held away from an organized training camp. "Naples The intention to withhold players' salaries has no valid reason and is collectively challenged, "said the union.

The training camp was from the club president Aurelio De Laurentiis after the 1-1 meeting with the Champions League Salzburg been arranged. Players should not be returned to their families after the decision. Half of the salaries of the absent athletes were retained by the club.

"Like other workers, professional footballers have the right to ensure that their privacy is respected, especially given the already saturated game plans that have long left many players," the union said.

the SSC Naples is currently experiencing a series of bankruptcies. In Serie A, the club has not won the last six games and slipped to seventh place in the Italian professional league. (AP)

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