Nadal is getting married today beautifully and at the shelter

On Saturday, the Spaniard marries his longtime girlfriend, Xisca Perelló. Both are a couple for 14 years.

Nadal wins the epic final of the US Open

It is celebrated in one of the most expensive, if not the most expensive, properties of Spain: La Fortaleza (in English: the fortress). Estimated value: 125 million euros. It is located north of the island of Nadals, Mallorca.

The luxury property, which covers more than 87,000 square meters, is hardly accessible to a normal person. Access to the land is only possible through a single private access road, secured by an iron gate, cameras and barbed wire, to the property. These massive protective measures are no coincidence, after all, the Spaniard, aged 33, rigorously avoids the spotlight of the tennis court.

With a total of eight buildings, 17 rooms, a heliport, several gardens, two swimming pools and private access to several bays, this is hardly exclusive.

Famous celebrity with

The guest list of the mega-wedding must be as unique as the property. According to the Spanish media, the bride's couple expects about 500 wedding guests. Among them are world stars such as singer Enrique Iglesias, superstar Juve Cristiano Ronaldo, basketball player Pau Gasol and the Spanish royal family. For all applies a mobile phone ban.

His work colleague, Roger Federer, is not invited and therefore absent, as he said at the end of August against "Blick". "I am not aware of it, and in the meantime, something else for the weekend.

The La Fortaleza luxury property is a popular wedding venue among celebrities. Real Madrid star Gareth Bale and basketball player Rudy Fernández got married.

Start of the pistol at 12 o'clock

The bride's dress, aged 31, comes from Rosa Clará, one of the leading bridal fashion brands in the world. It will match the calm character of the bride and will be classic, elegant but simply kept.

With the javascript at 12 o'clock, the starting signal for the sumptuous marriage of the Nadals is given.


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