Bitter end: the women of Göttingen BG 74 lose 61:68 and separate from Pierce

Five lines in the first half: Cayla Mc Morris of Göttingen (23, ball) against Nördlingen's American playmaker Leslie Vorpahl (number 1). To the right of Göttingen Viki Karambatsa.


Göttingen – The BG 74 Göttingen pallet racks had to face a bitter defeat at home in the women's basketball league. In front of 480 spectators, they lost in the final 61:68 (36:30), having led to the 28th minute. Finally, the strength and therefore the concentration have disappeared. Plus, Alissa Pierce is no longer a cadre.

But what about the beginnings of the women of Göttingen! Cayla McMorris with the top three, Megan Mullings with the second, McMorris with the third at 9: 3 and McMorris with a three-point match at 13: 3 – the Violet Express with a quick start. Although Nördlingen approached at 10:13, but then placed the BG ladies in the next intermediate sprint, he revised the result to 24:10 – through the next three of McMorris. It happened almost unhindered for coach Goran Lojo.

It was almost obvious that things would not go so bad. The Nördlingerinnen have entered the game very slowly better and have logically also resumed. In BG 74, McMorris and Mullings are doing well, but Jill Morton, second, has almost no tickets. Everything can not work! After a good fifteen minutes, the score was again reduced to 26:29, but it was still a trio Mullings (the seventh overall), which raised the score to 32:26. At 36:30 it was the break, but the second quarter had won the 16:12 Angels. Fantastically, the trio of the Lojo team with 78%, but the overall projection rate was "only" 40%.

The purple ladies were they exhausted in the first period? It looked almost like that, because the game was getting narrower. The women of Göttingen managed to maintain their lead until the 28th minute, when the powerful Luisa Geiselsöder scored 47:46 for the first tour. But Viki Karambatsa did 50:49 minutes after 30 minutes with two baskets.

In the last quarter, BG women had less and less to add, the rotation was too small, there were too few alternatives. Although the BG 74 was still leading 61:58, but playmaker Jenny Crowder scored 105 seconds before the end of a decisive touch for the opponent, who then scored a 10-0 score at 61:68.

Even before the match, the club and Alissa Pierce separated. "Your time and expectations were more consistent," said Richard Crowder, CEO of Baskets. That the replacement comes is still open.

Blazevic 4 (8 rebounds), Crowder 12, Morton 3, Fengkohl, Azinovic, Karambatsa 5, Mulling's 14 (9 rebounds), McMorris 23.

: Luisa Geiselsöder 18, Vorpahl 16, McCray 14, Meynadier 11.