Volkswagen Golf 8: Volkswagen presents new sketches

A few days ago, I wrote that Volkswagen still retained the VW Golf 8, while one of the most important cars of the group will be unveiled on October 24th. In the meantime, this has changed and you spend two weeks before the world premiere, but on the offensive.

VW Golf 8: Hybrid, but not e-Golf

In the next 14 days should not be at the center of the VW ID.3, but the VW Golf 8, which is still sold in 2019, the electric car arrives in the late summer 2020 on the market. Incidentally, the Golf 8 will not be available as an E-Golf, but several hybrid versions are planned at VW.

According to Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Golf 8 will be "even more digital and more networked than ever", we would like to finally bring the mass car to a state of the art. VW is also planning online features and services for the Golf 8, introducing a new era of gasoline. The current models of VW are not necessarily "modern" in the interior.

The brand new golf (design sketch)

The placing on the market is still in December, to avoid the new Chrashtest, valid from 2020. There were always rumors that VW still had problems with the electronics and all the features n & rsquo; Were not at first, but we will learn in a few days from VW itself.

VW: from golf 1 to golf 8

Volkswagen has also published today two sketches showing the evolution of the Golf, one in the front and then the inside.

The brand new golf (design sketch) The brand new golf (design sketch)

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