The discount coach is supported by Messi

Argentina has yet to get used to the fact that this man is the national coach: Lionel Scaloni (center).

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Argentina has yet to get used to the fact that this man is the national coach: Lionel Scaloni (center).

• With a better Elfe-B and inexperienced head coach Scaloni, the Argentineans are heading to the match in Dortmund, which starts Wednesday at 20:45.

• Lionel Messi is suspended – this should be the world footballer.

Argentina has finally fallen into a mix of nostalgia and veneration of heroes. A few days ago, the South African country was directing the documentary "Maradona", a film that does not tell the whole life of Diego Maradona, but explains it with brio. Just in time for his first victory as new coach of Gimnasia and Esgrima La Plata, so to speak, last weekend at Godoy Cruz. Regardless of whether Maradona is actively looking for him or just can not resist, the 1986 world champion overshadows everything that happens in Argentine football. Of course, the current generation of the national team, which will visit Wednesday night in Dortmund for a friendly match against Germany; a generation that could be something like a revenge for the lost final of the 2014 Rio World Cup, the circumstances would not be as they are.

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Among the team that lost the Rio World Cup final, including Lionel Messi, there is only one player, Marcos Rojo of Manchester United. Messi himself has accused officials of the South American Football Association Conmebol of corruption at Copa America and was banned for three months. so it's not in Dortmund. Messi, according to him, corresponds quite well to this: because his first game of the season was overshadowed by injuries and that he can devote himself to personal care, because his absence puts a lot of pressure on the 25 players that Lionel Scaloni has called – but also from Scaloni himself who can test without being constrained by the mere presence of Messi to bring him face to Germany.

That Scaloni is still a national coach can be seen as a miracle or a symbol of the current national crisis; it requires a lot of improvisational art from the Argentines, which the association has also allowed the national coach to practice.

Scaloni, 41, came to power just after the disappointing World Cup in Russia in 2018, after being part of the coaching staff of Jorge Sampaoli (today Santos, Brazil), without bringing any experience of 39; head coach. The Argentineans are still struggling to accept the idea that Scaloni is their coach. Before the start of the South American Championship in June, he was considered certain that Scaloni was to leave after the tournament. After all, after dealing with such important actors as Sergio Kun Aguero seemed to have spoiled her: she had taught him that a queue had been leaked first to the media, then to the team.

Three German players are part of the Argentinian team

But now, at the end of the tournament, few Argentines had the impression that the team had progressively improved in the Copa América and had taken a relatively honorable retirement against Brazil. The association, in turn, was pleased that Scaloni was content with a salary allegedly inferior to one million euros. This represents less than a twentieth of the salary earned by Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid and even less than a seventh of Marcelo Gallardo's fees (River Plate). But above all, the coach of the discount, Scaloni, shares a common point with Ernesto Valverde FC Barcelona: he enjoys the support of Messi. After the Copa America, he trusted Scaloni. He recently repeated it on the sidelines of the election of the world footballer. The coach has been confirmed until the 2022 World Cup, and now feels safe: "I'm no longer a coach," he said in September, before an international match against Chile (0-0).

It was one of those games that could give information on the potential, but not on the current status of the Argentines. Germany is one of the few powerful opponents of Argentina for years. The test only took place because the two associations have the same equipment manufacturer. Otherwise, Argentina is often beaten with opponents such as Guatemala, Iraq or Nicaragua. Recently, Mexico's top team B was shot 4-0 from the podium. A B-Elf brings the Argentineans in turn to Germany, they come without suspended Messi, without Ángel Di María, although it goes well in Paris St. Germain, and also without Kun Agüero, at the request of Pep Guardiola, his coach in Manchester City, is spared. The players of Boca Juniors and River Plate, the hated traditional clubs of Buenos Aires, Scaloni owe it for other reasons: The two teams are fighting a duel in the return leg of the semifinal of the Copa Libertadores, the Champions League of South America.

This provides an experimental space for the Copa America 2020. Scaloni has appointed Emiliano Martínez, Arsenal's substitute goalkeeper, and therefore the ninth goalkeeper of his tenure. In addition, three players, who play in Germany, wear the Argentine uniform: the player of the Dortmund Regional League, Leonardo Balerdi, Nicolás González of VfB Stuttgart of second division and Lucas Alario of Leverkusen. But the two strikers stand behind Lautaro Martínez of Inter Milan. It's been a while already that he says that he could land in Barcelona, ​​on Messi's side.

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