Tennis Live: Roger Federer vs. David Goffin

at an international level

Roger Federer will play Belgium's David Goffin in the round of 16 in Shanghai.

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Mark Roger Federer against David Goffin

Roger Federer

David Goffin

0: 2 | tiebreaker

Switzerland starts miserably in the tie-break. Performs a double fault from the beginning.

6: 6 | Federer break

And Roger Federer actually gets the break. The bidder from Basel fights in a tie.

40: announcement | Federer Breakball

Roger Federer suddenly has a chance to recover after fighting stolen bullets. Goffin wavers a bit for the first time.

40:40 | equality

The Belgian seems to be nervous. It makes a double mistake to the stopped ball.

40:30 | Goffin Ball Set

The Belgian can react again and win a stopped ball.

3:30 p.m.

The best rally of the match is Roger Federer. What a level of both. And what defense of the Swiss.

5: 6 | Goffin break

David Goffin makes a brutal pressure and gets the break – not undeserved. The Belgian is just better than the moment Federer.

30h40 | Goffin Breakball

Shocking moment in the room: Roger Federer slips out of the baseline. It looked nasty at first. He immediately gives the green light. Bitter: There is a breakball for Goffin.

3:30 p.m.

Federer defends himself as well as possible. David Goffin pursues the Swiss from one corner to the other.

5: 5 | Goffin Game

David Goffin does not lose skins in this crucial phase and distributes the balls in the usual way. He resists the chances of all Federer.

40: announcement | Federer ball set

What a shot from Roger Federer! David Goffin connects and continues Federer in the corner. The Swiss pass is great. Break and put the ball for the Swiss.

40:40 | equality

Roger Federer stays tuned. He becomes tight again to Serve Goffin. It's about his debut.


The crucial phase of this sentence is there. Roger Federer sniffs the ball, as Goffin's back goes just behind the baseline.

5: 4 | Federer Game

David Goffin's forehand is out and Federer can hold on again. Now, the Belgian serves against the loss of set.


Federer's service makes the difference. Because in rallies the Belgian remains stronger than the Swiss.

4: 4 | Goffin Game

Even Roger Federer has barely access to Goffin's service. Both players now seem to have found their rhythm with their own service.

4: 3 | Federer Game

A chic forehand from Federer is flying around the corner. The reverse does not play as desired with the Swiss. Nevertheless, the game can win again.

40:40 | equality

David Goffin remains stubborn. And what looked like an elegant service game is now tight for Federer.

40: 0

The service of the Swiss is seated. Still a relatively quiet game of the Swiss.

3: 3 | Goffin Game

In addition, David Goffin manages to solve his worst problem again and again. His shots are extra classy. Federer in turn increases the pressure – but can hardly score.

3: 2 | Federer Game

Sensational level of both games. In this phase with the best end for Federer. Sovereign and in no time, Switzerland takes over

2: 2 | Goffin Game

Even the Belgian comes in distress with his own service. He too can free himself.

40:40 | equality

Switzerland sniffs at every opportunity. Goffin with a double mistake in his early days.


David Goffin attacks. The Belgian boy even attacks the net – and with success,

2: 1 | Federer Game

Roger Federer can simply pull his head out of the noose. The "maestro" was in great distress. In the end, it's the service.

40:40 | Deuce # 5

Federer can push his chances with a service. But then comes up against a ball from the Belgians. It stays close.

40: announcement | Goffin Breakball

Goffin defends himself perfectly in this phase. Roger Federer does not exceed the Belgian base. Goffin gets a break ball.

Advertisement: 40

Roger Federer is already back on magic. A Halbvolley magistrate helps him out of the distress. Because the Belgian is a powerful pressure.

40:40 | equality

David Goffin excels with his defense. As soon as the ball is in play, the Belgian seems to be better than Federer in this starting phase. It's about his debut.


The first attack of Roger Federer's net fails: David Goffin is ready and passes in front of the Swiss.

1: 1 | Goffin Game

Federer's setback hits the goal and the Belgian wins his first serve, zero.

40: 0

Federer's forehand came out twice – once using the edge of the net. Also David Goffin is sovereign on the road.

1: 0 | Federer Game

Without any problem, the Swiss reduces to zero his first game of service.

30: 0

Roger Federer starts with the service first. Goffin hardly sees a ball of felt.

0: 0

Roger Federer will open the match. David Goffin won the draw and decided to break free.

It starts right away

Both players enter the central field and start immediately.


Welcome to the live ticker of Roger Federer vs. David Goffin. It's the coup de grace in Shanghai. The match is scheduled at 12:30 pm Swiss time.