Make Your Move # 4: Vienna is different

What the two Viennese football clubs have recently felt more and more often, the basketball clubs of the capital have known for ages: the domination of the teams of the federal states. Over the past 27 years, only one Vienna club has become Austrian basketball champion – when customers, Philip Zepter and Harald Fischl, gave BC Vienna 2012/13 a special class star troupe . However, Stazic, Ray, Boylan, Danek, Richards, Pearson & Co. dominated only in the final 5 against the Gunners Oberwart. The confrontation in the Multivers has long been legendary – with a blue wall south of Burgenland and winners of Vienna smoking.

In the years that followed, it became much quieter around British Columbia. The big donors have withdrawn, Petar and Stjepan Stazic have made the association a kind of family business. After all, the main sponsors, Hallmann and Wien Energie, ensure that the dilapidated Budo center slowly becomes a "basketball dome". For example, the new VIP club was ready in time for the start of this season. And the next opponent of BC Vienna will ensure a full dome Saturday (18:55, Sky Sport Austria 1 HD): the Vienna D.C. Timberwolves! The first Viennese derby after 25 years – at the beginning of last season – was a highlight. With the climber as a surprise winner.


In the meantime, a lot has happened. The Wolves lost the following four derbies (including the Cup), are struggling financially and had to give up three routine racks (Cosic, Kolaric, Scott). The Danube City club is even more difficult than local rivals to recruit sponsors. Little glimmer of hope: Recently, there is a new employee, who is responsible for it. Let's hope that the boar finds some doors open. Apart from that, the Timberwolves hope to have more support from the city. "We are not jealous of British Columbia, but we are actually expecting a donation of the same amount," said head coach Hubert Schmidt.

The Hallmen, however, improved. The time when head coach Luigi Gresta had more than five competitive players is over. There are now seven, including Legionnaires Anton Shoutvin and Brandon Conley. However, the most important "newcomer" is Stjepan Stazic. The 41-year-old seems to be in top form after a year of injury. In a certain way, no one is surprised. After all, the devil was before his MVP cartilage injury of the 2017/18 season. And was well represented during his absence by Jason Detrick. Vienna-Oldies can at any time manage an opponent on its own. But the young wolves will defend themselves.