Löw: "I drew positive conclusions from the game"

Dortmund (dpa) – Questions to coach Joachim Loew after the 2: 2 German national football team in international match against Argentina on Wednesday night in Dortmund.

Question: How is your conclusion?

Answer: First of all, I found the game very dynamic of both teams, with a very strong physique, a lot of speed and also very entertaining. The halves were different. At first, we were very strong and played very well after winning the ball, with very good combinations, many finals, some good goals. Argentina was strong in the second half. You have created a lot of pressure. We lost a bit of courage after 1: 2 to keep playing. But personally, I learned a lot of positive points of view of the game. And I have to compliment the team, with what courage, with what heart she played. There were promising approaches.

Question: Is it more important to you than the result: some players, who tend to be in the second row, put pressure on the established players?

Answer: The goal of a coach is always to have enough competition on the individual positions. The result is a bit secondary. But of course, you're a little disappointed from the first moment you played 2: 2. But the first half was definitely worth it. And some players for the first time did a good job. The cook Robin at the back of the defense was very stable, had confidence in him and had a good charisma. He came into the team the day before and showed no sign of nervousness. It is good that some who have had their chance, now use it very well individually. I'm happy with that. This gives more opportunities to a coach.

Question: Is Serge Gnabry so important to you now that you prefer to go out because you just need him against Estonia?

Answer: Actually, I did not want to let Serge Gnabry play for 90 minutes. He has done a lot of games lately and has taken a crazy pace and incredible manners. It has appeared everywhere and has always been a fire hazard. He disrupted the entire Argentine defense in the first half. It was clear that I would take it one day. We definitely need him in the next games. There was the risk that too much was going on there.

Question: Joshua Kimmich was wearing the captain's armband. Was it out of the question for you to take him for this task because maybe he can already be captain of the future? Or because he had the most international?

Answer: I am not trying to find out who has the most internationals, as was the case in the past. I did not pay attention to that. Jo is already longer with us. He is a model to use. He is a model in all his attitude. And he also has some experience now. He can also verbally lead a team in the field. He is very intelligent in the organization and gives instructions. He is always omnipresent in the square. It was clear to me that Jo would be captain in the match.

Question: Marc-Andre ter Stegen was in the honor. He wanted to show himself at the door. How do you evaluate his performance?

Answer: I note his performance well. The objectives were not tenable. The first was an excellent head. And second, the shot was slightly deflected from Emre Can. Otherwise, he kept what he had to keep. In the first half, he also played very well at the back and very good passes in the middle of the field. Marc's performance was good.

Question: You have already spoken and congratulated Robin Koch. What do you say to the other three newcomers Luca Waldschmidt, Nadiem Amiri and Suat Serdar? Have you been recommended for other missions?

Answer: Luca Waldschmidt was very good on the road, claimed a lot of balls, came to the conclusion once or twice. He made a lot of ways and really played a very good game. He was also very physically present, was important. Nadiem and Suat have come in and of course have few opportunities to excel in the game. Both have worked a lot in the back row. Both have a bit of their strength in the game before. In training you can already see that they have very good options and approaches. Because we can expect a little something.

Question: After the good first semester, will you start again against Estonia?

Answer: No, probably not. Estonia is a very different opponent of Argentina. Estonia is playing more in the background, defending its goal in the first place. Because we need an offensive player more on the field. I can imagine Marco Reus there. And if the Ilkay Gündogan is in shape, he will play too. Therefore, we can assume that there will be changes.