Indoor Open Sports Park: tennis aces for 5,000 euros

The 31st edition of the tournament begins under a new name. For men, the favorite question seems more open than ever.

Christian Helmig
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Crush: Justin Eleveld from TC BW Halle builds a home advantage at the Sportpark Indoor Open. - © Claus Meyer

Crush: Justin Eleveld from TC BW Halle builds a home advantage at the Sportpark Indoor Open.
(© Claus Meyer)

room, It's already the 31st edition of the indoor tournament – and yet a first. For the first time, Sportpark Halle is both a host and a name giver. Since 2009, the event takes place under the name of Gerry Weber Indoor Open, following the big event on grass. Thorsten Liebich, tournament director Thorsten Liebich, believes that the Haller fashion company has stopped its financial support because of its economic crisis, probably due to the fact that thanks to his good contacts, he found someone who " promote the tournament but do not name it public ". Want to be ".

Over the last three decades, the Indoor Open has changed names several times without losing its appeal. It seems to stay that way. "Especially in the men, it's super good, I do not remember that we've ever had so many top 100 players," Liebich said before the first service on Friday at 12 noon.

"You must always have Lennart Zynga on the list"

It seems almost impossible to predict who has the best chance of winning the final Sunday (from 14 hours). On paper, this is Dominik Bartels from the second division Wilhelmshavener TC, currently number 59 in the German rankings. In the list of seedlings, follow it in the spring TPVersmold replaced by Johann Willems (DTB 62), Henri Squire (DTB 67), TC Wolfsberg Pforzheim Rochus club Düsseldorf) and the local hero Lennart Zynga (DTB 71) of TC BW Halle, winner of the 2016 and 2017 championships. "Lennart likes to play in the room. It must always be on the list," said Liebich, who also credits a lot of credit to another former Haller Regionalliga team player: Justin Eleveld It's as Dutch in Germany, though it's only ranked 464, "by its capacity," says Liebich, "but it actually belongs to the top 100".

Champion title Alexander Mannapov (DTB 106) Dorsten TC is in sixth position. In Christopher Koderisch, Maxi Friese, Tim Fry, Tim Klee, Frank Helmsen, John Kolowrat and Johannes Wand hold seven other players in the blue and white flag.

Hannover duo topped the list of female seedlings

The ladies have in DeryaTurhan (Professional reasons) and Anna-Lena Linden (study), the two most promising Hallerinnen have given up a message. Tanja Klee (DTB 117) is number seven in the role of outsider. "It would be nice if she could reach the semi-finals," says Liebich, for Rieke gillar and Indira Schmerling would be a respectable turn of the last eight.

The field is led by the Shaline-Doreen Pipa (DTB 42) and Franziska Sziedat (DTB 45), both of DTV Hannover. Julia is an insider tip Avdeeva (DTB 227) from TuS flight"It can be dangerous for everyone," says Liebich to the young Russian, responsible for the TuS flight hits.

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