Effenberg and Ponomarev: a new friendship in Krefeld

A controversial president and a convinced ex-international with a troubled third division: will he organize the Effenberg / Ponomarev partnership?

A new friendship with men should lead KFC Uerdingen, third division of football, towards a better future. With the presentation of Stefan Effenberg as new director, the club's controversial boss, Mikhail Ponomarev, was able to win a leading partner.

The last because of many staff changes in the coaching bank called club club chaos with its controversial chairman, does not deter the former international. "I appreciate the openness and honesty of Mr. Ponomarev, who is not a club of chaos for me," Effenberg said Thursday. The 51-year-old signed a contract until June 30, 2022.

During Ponomarev's nearly three-year tenure, five coaches were hired

With Effenberg, who came dressed in black for the presentation, and the investor and the boss of the club, Ponomarew, now have two illustrious personalities, according to the Krefeld Football Club. During Ponomarev's almost three-year tenure, five coaches have been hired, none of whom are there. Almost ironic as the club's slogan acts on a banner in the box of the Düsseldorf Arena: "Because blue is for loyalty and red for love."


The Russian is also one of the two main shareholders of the penguins club LED Krefeld, with which he fell for unpaid. His actions in the ice hockey club he wanted to sell quickly, said Ponomarev.

He is completely convinced of Effenberg. "We hope to take advantage of his incredible experience, he has been in one of the best clubs in the world, had the best coaches and it is a very good sign for our club," said Ponomarev.

The first construction site Effenberg must work on is the occupation of the driving position. He is himself out of the question, said the new director. After the dismissal of Heiko Vogel, co-coach Stefan Reisinger took over – but the license is missing. "We will use the international break and find a solution in time, in which Stefan Reisinger will be involved," said Effenberg.

Effenberg wants to "bring peace" to KFC Uerdingen

No goals have been set, Effenberg said. "We want to bring peace here and bring the KFC back on track – the situation is not so bad." His presence on television should not give up "Effe". Sport1 announced that Effenberg would remain in the station's new role. "It's manageable," said the new director.

In fact, Effenberg, who now lives with his wife Claudia in Düsseldorf, was at the beginning of the year as the new coach of the KFC in conversation. But then there was no agreement. The experience in the coaching sector is just six months old for the former world-class player. In SC Paderborn's former second division club, he crashed in the 2015/16 season. When he was removed from office, former president Wilfried Finke asked the eminent coach: "This Hollywood world is not a good place to look back, it's a retrospective error. "

But that does not prevent Ponomarev from obliging Effenberg. On the contrary: "It's a good sign for our club," said the Russian. (AP)

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