Dissert Gesamtschule offers support to ambitious students

Dissen. The Dissener Hermann Freye Comprehensive School (HFG) has been awarded by the "Ministry of Sport of Lower Saxony" for its "School of Talent".

The HFG, which is one of the 14 schools of Lower Saxony, now bears this title, presented in the form of an honorary certificate from the Hemmingen Multipurpose School, so-called "elite sports school", at Jan Wessels, director of the HFG school, and Burkhard Kutscher, professor of physical education.

But how did Dissener Gesamtschule earn this prize? "Already two years ago, in the planning group responsible for creating our new integrated integrated school, we set ourselves the goal of building support for performance in sport," recalls Burkhard Kutscher. . "The advantages here are the excellent sports facilities in the immediate vicinity of the school and our many sports cooperation partners," adds Jan Wessels. The HFG is open to clubs and associations to promote talent and -Sichtung – hence the title "school of talents".

Jan Wessels, lead teacher at HFG (second from left) and Burkhard Kutscher (third from left), sports instructor at HFG, have accepted the "Talent School of Sport" prize in Hemmingen, near Hanover. Photo: HFG

In addition to regular physical education, an open sports offer in the gym during lunch breaks, indoor and inter-school sports tournaments, as well as sports clubs of karate, tennis, yoga, volleyball, football, basketball and ping-pong, students have the opportunity to play sports their profile Materials (in addition to foreign languages, the environment or music) from the sixth year. If you wish to maintain the ambiguity of the sports profile after this seventh grade orientation phase, you will receive an admission exam with endurance and coordination exercises.

Student Alessia (12 years old) took up the challenge, passed it with 12 classmates and now continues to train for sports in the seventh grade. This means for them, besides the physical education prescribed anyway, once a week athletics and once a week volleyball or basketball classes. "I am a fanatic of sport, I practice football and kickboxing during my free time," says Alessia, explaining her choice to deepen the sport in the school sector.

Students develop a profile of the coordination skills that are important for volleyball and basketball using mini-obstacles. Photo: Carolin Hlavatsch

For performance-related training in the school context, volleyball and basketball sports are offered at the HFG. "With Burkhard Kutscher, we have in-house competence because he is not only a physical education teacher, but also a basketball coach of the 2nd Regionalliga Ladies West in Hagen SV," explains director Wessels. Volleyball trains students with coach Stefan Bertelsmann, head of SV Bad Laer volleyball, who cooperates with the HFG.

"The fact that our students can now train these sports at a high level during their school career is unique in the region," say Jan Wessels and Burkhard Kutscher. But the swollen head of pride is followed by the retracted head: 13 students play basketball in the gym.