Bierhoff makes Germany small: "No EM-Mitfavorit"

DFB Bundestag 2019

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DFB Bundestag 2019

"I do not expect us to compete in the European Championships as a co-favorite." Oliver Bierhoff dixit. And this in the perspective of Wednesday night (20:45) takes place match match against Argentina. This may make the director of the DFB a bit too easy.

As a temporary excuse

Because this statement is kind of a preliminary excuse for the tough performance of the DFB team today. This is exactly how the opponent, with significant staffing issues in the prestige duel

But if two nominally decimated teams meet, this usually makes the remote team easier. The pressure of the public (in the sense of the expectations) does not weigh tonight on the South-Americans. They can even play carelessly, even in the face of the failure of their imposing star fixed Lionel Messi.

Maybe they even win. In the end, it will not make a sensation – but it would obviously make the German media landscape nervous. Therefore, just stack in depth. According to the motto: if things end up changing, so much the better.

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But four-time world champion and three-time champion of Europe are of course one of the co-favorites of each tournament. Which does not mean that Germany is safe from fiascos like during the World Cup in Russia.

But this sobering fiasco does not necessarily mean you have to get smaller than necessary all the time. What's missing from the current team is Konstanz. This is not surprising because the team has yet to find themselves. This is difficult when the national coach has to constantly rebuild and improvise due to injury issues. Unfortunately, this has been the case again and again since the change propagated in the spring of this year.

Where: every bad thing always has something positive. Due to injury problems, Löw is obliged to give a chance to the players behind (like Niklas Stark, Luca Waldschmidt) a chance. And who knows, maybe one of them will begin his personal flyby and will play in the team until next summer.

According to the November form, no conclusion can be drawn for the following summer

Olli Bierhoff should already know from personal experience that the level of performance of a national team in winter or spring does not allow to draw conclusions about the performance of the next tournament (European Championship or World Cup) in summer. For better or for worse In March 2018, for example, Germany played one of its best games in recent years against Spain (1-1).

If anyone had asked for the chances of success at the launch of the World Cup in Russia three months later, he would probably have received very positive forecasts. The end of the story is painfully remembered.

The situation is almost reversed now: finally, they lost to Holland in a 4-2 defeat, and the ensuing match in Northern Ireland was certainly not a revelation.

And already the mechanisms are necessary: ​​first, give up.

Psychologically quite understandable after this devastating non-performance of the team in Russia. But there was also still Störfeuer (Erdogan door), which was only a marginal aspect with the purely sporty aspect.

Let's be clear: there is currently almost a whole team missing – and yet the starting team expected for the match against the gauchos is still reading very well.

With the exception of Can, Stark and Waldschmidt are now only Champions League participants in the field. This speaks of a deep fund from which Löw can draw.

In the summer of next year, the missing players (Leroy Sané, Timo Werner, Leon Goretzka, Toni Kroos, Marco Reus, Jonas Hector, Antonio Rüdiger, Matthias Ginter, Thilo Kehrer, Jonathan Tah and Nico Schulz ) will be in shape again. They will not forget to play football during this time, and the fitness gap can be filled in a month or two. So where exactly is the problem?

Again: Bierhoff the DFB-Elf status of "with the favorites" of. If we take France as the only major favorite, reigning world champion, with its formidable offensive (Mbappé, Griezmann, Dembéle, to name only the three absolute stars), it is difficult to understand why the German selection behind France by several teams (Spain, England, Italy). Nobody can predict what will come out at the end of the tournament.

The "curse" of success: Germany is still one of the favorites

But Germany should actually be counted in the extended circle extended (nothing else means with-favorite). Curious: it is like that abroad. Wherever you look and who you ask, we always call Germany. But as the saying goes, the prophet of his country is not valid.

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