VfL Kalbe brought Alba Academy to the softness

VfL Kalbe basketball players again brought the Kinder + Sport basketball academy to Mildestadt.

Kalbe l Just under 60 junior athletes took advantage of this offer supervised by 13 helpers.

Alba is pleased with the popularity

"We had another great crew for the various stations on the site, and in Kalbe you can still feel the passion of basketball, and we are very happy to be back," said Jan Erdtmann (Head of Recreational Basketball). 39, German vice-champion basketball team Alba Berlin eV ..

In the gym Kalbenser, the participants of the Academy realized different stations. Twice, Werfen was part of the program and the dribbling, passing and coordinating units. Athletes also took exams with different levels of difficulty.


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The level rookie has mastered the 20 starters. The junior class included 13 of the 19 participants. The majority of children and teenagers had to cancel the sails in the category of players. Only 3 out of 13 players have mastered this level. The ballerina class survived 2 of the 5 basket hunters. The difficulty level master turned only Tobias Lenz of VfL Kalbe and passed this exam.