Tennis Brutality – 50 Winners Over "Speeding" – Nadal, Federer, Wawrinka, Gazzak and more

Amazing image of some of the fastest tennis backs ever recorded (single handed and double handed). The main characters include Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, Richard Gasket, Dustin Brown, Fabio Fongini, Santiago Giralddo, Janko Tipsarovich, Grigor Dimitrov, Philip Kuhlsirber, Dominic Tiam, Dominic Tiam, Dominic Thiam It may not include backup masters like David Nalbandian, Marat Safin, Jimmy Conners, etc., but just random bits that include some people (possibly hundreds of thousands more) of today's fastest tennis backs. I do not pretend that they are the best or the best in terms of pure quality because tennis is not only about speed. Love, comment, subscribe and enjoy! (ToTranslate tags) Tennis (t) Rocket (t) Fastest (t) Shot (s) Trick (t) Hot Shot (t) Photo (t) 70 Wins (t) 50 Wins (t) Wawrinka back (t) Gasket Back (s) Nadal Backer (s) Fed Back (s) US Open (s) Highlights (s) Santiago Giraldo (s) Dustin Brown (s) Best Photos (s) Top 10 (s) Stan Wawrinka (t) Richard (t) Kohlschreibr back (t) Thiem back (t) Amazing (t) Match rating (t) Djokovic (t) Back (t) Back tennis (t) One hand (s) One hand ( T) One-handed (t) Double (t) Predictable winners (T) Riding band winners (t) Roland Garros (t) Wawrinka Djokovic (t) Murray back (t) Andy (t) 2016 (t) 2015 ( t) 2017