Tennis at SV Bergheim: Tennisjugend runs third consecutive promotion

Bergheim –

At the SV Bergheim club championship on the "Am Krausacker" tennis court, nearly 100 participants – including 25 youngsters and children – took part in 16 competitions at the start. As a result, many matches were played before and during the summer holidays, before entering the exciting final phase. Recently, the finals have taken place.

Sabine Kammermann (host) and Markus Müller (sports) presented the awards ceremony to young and old and presented the trophies won. In addition, children and teenagers received a small gift. After the awards ceremony, the party was announced.

Sporting, three teams from SV Bergheim were able to present themselves with particular success in this summer season: in the adult sector, the 40-year-old ladies managed without conceding the promotion in the 2nd district league.

The rise of the men's 50 team in the 2nd Association League was already determined before the last day.

Of particular note is the continued success of the young tennis U15 (m), which could record a third consecutive climb after the summer and winter seasons.

In addition, Nick Elstrodt won the U11 (m) municipal championship and reached the final at the youth and district championships. U14 vice-champion champion (m) was Sam Müller.