Outstanding talent from Norway Ødegaard: When will I return to Real at the earliest?

The takeover in Spain for outstanding talent Martin Ødegaard (20) could have been better. In the first eight meetings of his new club, Real Sociedad met the Norwegian international twice and prepared two more goals. In his performances, he excites with ingenious and ingenious passports and has a big part in the fact that the club occupies currently the fifth place of the classification. He was also voted player of the month of September in Spain.

At Real Madrid you can observe very closely the young midfielder's evolution. Because: the young is rewarded by the "royal" for two years until 2021. At Real, he still has a valid contract until 2023. "I am in regular contact with Real Madrid", said Ødegaard in an interview with "Eurosport": "Sometimes they write to me, they tell me they're watching me, and lately they congratulated me (for the title: Player of the Month in Spain, ed) and congratulated for my excellent start in the league.They said they are very happy with me. "

However, he still does not dream of returning to Madrid. "The idea is to fulfill my contract and specifications here, I have a contract with Real Sociedad and I am very happy in this team.It is the current situation and until the end of the contract", said Ødegaard, who had already been awarded twice by Real (at SC Heerenveen and Vitesse Arnhem).

On Saturday, Ødegaard will face Spain with the Norwegian team – and several of his teammates Real Sociedad and Real Madrid. Therefore, this game is for the Norwegian "a little more special than the other duels". Ødegaard explains: "It's always good to play against top players like Sergio Ramos."