Five additions reinforce Oldenburg baskets


The EWE Oldenburg baskets will start on Thursday 26 September (8.30 pm grand stadium), with a home match against s.Oliver Würzburg in the new Bundesliga season.

What is the quality of the new team?

In Will Cummings, the baskets have lost their strongest (single) expert. The American now earns a lot of rubles in the Russian Krasnodar. His successor will be Braydon Hobbs (USA), who is unlikely to reach the outstanding individual values ​​of Cummings. He is still an above-average Bundesliga player. Other new people can expect a lot.

Robin Amaize has already played in the German national team in his CV, Gerry Blakes (USA) comes from the first Italian league. And in courtesy of Kevin McClain, the Oldenburg triumphed in the Bundesliga. "I have a German grandmother, she is from Neu-Ulm," McClain said Wednesday in good German at the launch of the new team of baskets. "That's the reason why I have a German passport and after my years in the United States, I'm probably interested in a few German clubs," said the German in the United States, pointing out that in Bundesliga matches in a team of twelve players, six players need a German passport, Justin Sears is not a real access. But in pre-season, despite a forced injury, the Americans are now perfectly resilient and have completed the preparation with the team.

This Saturday the Oldenburgers present themselves to their fans during the "Basketball Day" in the big arena. The team's presentation begins at 14:30, at 15:30 starts a test match against the rival of the Bundesliga, Bonn Sneakers. Already from 1:30 pm, some members of the 2009 Oldenburg champion team in the autographs of the home. Jason Gardner, I & # 39; Kel Foster & Ruben Boumtje Boumtje have confirmed their attendance.

Conclusion: The team will probably be one of the strongest historical baskets. The new ones further increase the level.

What are the seasonal goals?

CEO Hermann Schüller tried Wednesday, the expectations are not too great. The pre-season performances, as the Oldenburg finished second, are not easy to repeat. Coach Mladen Drijencic was a little more specific: "Of course, we can claim to reach the playoffs," said the 54-year-old: "Maybe it's also possible to go to the playoffs playoffs with a home game. " At least a fourth place would be needed, In the Eurocup, Drijencic hopes to reach the second phase of groups. For the baskets to be at least fourth in their six-round group.

Conclusion: the participants in Euroleague, Bayern Munich and Alba Berlin, will probably be in the points in front of the Oldenburgers. These are likely to fight with the Bambergern and Ulmern further strengthened for the places behind. In addition, it is not possible to make a forecast for the playoffs.

What role does the double burden play?

Ten group matches have the baskets that 2018/19 had participated in a European Cup competition, at the Eurocup in any case to complete. This seems to be a burden to bear considering the strength of the team. After all, Eurocup games also offer the opportunity to fine-tune operations and develop powerful opponents. Several times in recent years, however, the baskets after the European Cup matches outside during the week of the Bundesliga match following have not exhausted their potential.

Conclusion: if the Eurocup team played a round, it would have to play six more matches between January and March, and eventually in the round of 16. It would be a considerable challenge considering the qualifiers of the Bundesliga in early May.

Video of the presentation of the team: