"E-sport is sport – very clear"

"Understanding", "acceptance". These are words that keep falling when Lucas Sude talks about e-sports. It soon becomes clear that the director of the Brinkum team, Aequilibritas, wants to make emerging sport more accessible – to all the people of the world. But for that, everyone needs to understand what exactly is e-sport, why the computer does not generally pose a threat to the community among children and why it has absolutely deserved e-sports in a category called "real" sports being.

Brinkum – "E-sport is the competition zone in digital games," says Sude, adding: "This does not include the area in which you play computer games as a hobby", for example, but the participation in a league that surrounds them "A Aequilibritas (the name was chosen by the founding members and is derived from the Latin of equality and equality), the games" League of Legends "," Players Unknown Battlegrounds " "," Fortnite "and" Apex Legends "are in the foreground," Apex "is organizing an invitational tournament in Krakow, Poland, during the weekend, during which the Sude team, created in 2016 and now having some 2,500 registered members on the site, will compete against the best players in the world. "This will be the biggest event at Apex so far," said the 26-year-old. world will be at the beginning. We want to enter the top 16. "

E-Sports: Money plays an important role

Of course, at such a high level, money also plays an important role in e-sports. For example, the world championship "Fortnite" held this year at the Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium in New York City was worth $ 30 million. "Look what kind of base is", so is also a popular phrase that Sude has repeatedly addressed to parents of (potential) players who are under contract with Aequilibas or who are still under contract – as they are usually minors (Sude: " Between 16 and 21, the players are the best in my opinion, because they have the best reflexes "). It is here that the word "understanding" appears for the first time. Because: "Many do not even know what is behind an incredible consensus and what you can do about it – especially if the industry continues to grow as before and I'm getting out of it – for a reasonable price. It is very important that people understand this, that's why I often look for conversation. "

E-Sports – Focus on Teamwork

And Sude willingly explains not only the financial potential, but also all the other problems related to e-sport. "My favorite example: many children and parents know the situation when the mother calls," come and dine ", and the answer is" I can not go, I can not put the game on hold "," Sude explains. The fact that the child, for example, does not want to dine or does it deliberately, has something to do with the sense of responsibility of the group, because when he leaves the game, his teammates usually have a big disadvantage.It's basically the same thing as playing four against four and suddenly you can not play it anymore.Their team will have one less player and the other team will have an advantage. "

In general, Sude prefers to compare it to football – and at the same time, draws attention with another major criticism of screen games. "It has always been said:" In the past, we were all together on the football field. Today, our children sit in front of the screens and do not do anything together. "But this conclusion that the community is absent is utter nonsense," Sude says: "Computer games are also usually played together – it's almost the community, as it would be on the football field – only in time. "

"E-sport is a sport, it's very clear."

In addition, "play" and sports are not mutually exclusive. In the professional field, they are even closely related. "You need a physical base to sit in front of the PC for a long time during tournaments, this should not be underestimated," says Sude: "Sport is always on the professional agenda." For him, critics frequent are invalid, e-sport is "not a real sport". He tries again a comparison: "Why is there a motor sport? The engine is the base, the instrument, and the computer too, for example." E-sport is a sport, it's very clear.At this point, many of us lack understanding and tolerance. "

Nevertheless, Sude is confident that the rapid growth of eSports will continue: "More and more people are realizing the potential of this industry, it is becoming more and more natural, and that's a good thing. the mutual benefit must be recognized and must be promoted. "

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