Controversy over top ten at Tennis Borussia: Jens Redlich fails in court

Former Tennis President Boruissa, Jens Redlich, failed Wednesday in Charlottenburg District Court. The operator of a 38-year-old fitness chain wanted to return to his job as CEO of the Berlin football league. In late July, the two supervisory boards, Franziska Hoffmann and Christian Gaebler, had dismissed contractor Redlich as president.

The crowd in Charlottenburg District Court 142 was huge on Wednesday afternoon. Tennis Borussia's supporters, players and coach Dennis Kutrieb wanted to follow the procedure, which also indirectly dealt with the near future of their traditional club. There were also a dozen journalists. The room was much too small and therefore, among the fifty or so lapwings, many had to watch the action while standing or in front of the open door.

Jens Redlich appears with a lawyer

The plaintiff, 38-year-old Jens Redlich, lost his position as general manager and wanted to find him. Redlich, a tall, athletic man, had a lawyer at his side. The legal opponents were the new managing director Günter Brombosch and the two supervisory boards Franziska Hoffmann and Christian Gaebler. A team of three lawyers had called TeBe's current management. What happened during the preparation of the trial, which took place under number 223 C73 / 19?

Redlich lost his CEO position at the end of July. At that time, the two board members, Franziska Hoffmann and Christian Gaebler, the head of the Chancellery of the Senate, had changed the register of associations and removed Redlich as president. The background: the controversial entrepreneur had in November 2018 by mail announced his resignation, but revoked two days later. But it was not legally possible, according to Hoffmann / Gaebler. The president of the court also hinted immediately that there was no resignation from the resignation.

Brombosch is now following Redlich

As the new president of the time, the TeBe veteran, Günter Brombosch, was appointed and board member, Steffen Friede. Spicy: This decisive change was made public when Redlich was on vacation in the United States. He spoke of a "coup d'etat" and announced after a short period of reflection ("Does my commitment really make sense?") Action in court. Redlich has filed a preliminary injunction application with the Berlin Regional Court in order to be able to resume his chief post as soon as possible. He always felt like the boss of the traditional club, of which he is still the main sponsor. The delegated authority, which had caused a sensation throughout Germany, was sent back to the Charlottenburg District Court.

Litigation in the courts was now the culmination of a conflict that had been brewing for several months and was openly relieved of the leadership conflict in Tebe, currently the league leader in the Oberliga Nordost. Under the direction of Dennis Kutrieb, promotion in the regional league is aimed. TeBe players train under very professional conditions, in particular because Redlich provides considerable financial resources.

"Active fan scene" looks suspiciously

The head of the fitness studio chain "Crunch Fit" has been the club's main sponsor since 2016 and has been appointed general manager in 2017. He is acting under the motto "giving money a say" which caused a lot of frustrations and fears among the fans. According to his own data, Redlich has already invested about 2.8 million euros in the club. But especially the club's "active fanscene" looked at Redlich suspiciously and criticized his authoritarian leadership style.

The dispute has culminated since the Extraordinary General Assembly in January. He is supposed to have presented the desired candidates to the Supervisory Board with new members allegedly appointed, which he vehemently denies.

After this rally, many supporters were indignant at the club and gave up their support during home games at Mommsenstadion. In the so-called "Caravan of Love", these supporters drove to other clubs, mainly Unterklassigen, and supported them very hard during their appearances at home. Only for the first game of the new season, the TeBe won 4-2 in Tasmania promoted, the fans ended their boycott. The team is unbeaten in four duels until now.

Judgment after 90 minutes

The trial in the district court, which had once been interrupted, provoked many legal criticisms. It was the right of association, the powers of the supervisory board – the lawyers of both parties were involved. After 90 minutes – corresponding to a football game – the presiding judge announced the verdict. The application for interim injunction presented by Jens Redlich was dismissed. The entrepreneur does not reclaim his position as CEO. Redlich was then prepared externally and told the reporters, "I accept the verdict, I wish good luck to the leaders of Tennis Borussia." He continues to meet his financial commitments.

How long will it last, the future will show it. One may wonder if Redlich will continue to invest his money in a club in which he is no longer in charge.

In the meantime, Günter Brombosch's current board is scheduled for October 1, an ordinary general meeting. The focus will be on the election of the new supervisory board, which is due to start in July. Then the future of the club should also be discussed.