WADA's designated lead wants to involve intelligence services more

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The elected president of WADA, Witold Banka, wants to put more emphasis on cooperation with state investigators in the fight against doping. The secret services must also be involved.

In the global fight against doping, intelligence agencies will increasingly contribute to expose fraudsters in sport. "Unfortunately, the Doper are very innovative," said Witold Banka, elected president of the AMA, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".

"We must ensure that doping fighters are just as innovative and have the means to achieve this goal – without money, without investigation and without the cooperation of the intelligence services – without all this, we will not attract the fraudsters" said the president. banka.

More recently, "Operation Viribus", a concerted action of the forces of the order of 33 countries, has been described as a major attack on organized crime. However, surveys were more focused on recreational sports and WADA was involved in the preparation of the anti-doping raid in Europe, the United States and Colombia. "That's my vision," Banka said. "Without investigation, without intelligence services, we can not improve the situation." Today, doping control does not just mean checks and samples, we need secret inquiries and experts. "

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Read Now: Today's edition of your daily newspaper in electronic form.

At the World Anti-Doping Agency conference in early November, Banka, currently Poland's Sports Minister, will assume the presidency of WigA under Craig Reedie. "I intend to no longer be a member of the government, you must be independent," he said. "Even if the rules did not dictate that, I would have decided that staying minister would be the classic case of a conflict of interest."

At the top of the AMA, Banka wants to intensify the dialogue with the athletes who suffered last time. The president of the WADA Athletes' Commission, Beckie Scott, had laid charges of intimidation that had foiled a controversial investigation report in May. "One of the weaknesses of AMA, which also showed the crisis in Russia, was the lack of communication with the athletes," said Banka. "My challenge is to prove that AMA is there for the athletes (…) We all have the same goal: to clean up the sport, to eliminate sport fraudsters."

To achieve this, Banka encourages the creation of a "Solidarity Fund for Anti-Doping". The money should come from, among others, major sponsors. "It will be one of my great tasks to talk with them and the public sector and encourage them to engage more strongly in a clean sport," said Banka, stating: We will not completely eliminate doping in sport. " Just as everyday crimes can not be eliminated, there will always be somebody who will deceive us, but thanks to a greater commitment, we can limit this phenomenon, efforts are our duty. " (AP)

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