Viral hit from Turkey Lots of smoke around a 36-year-old "child" – "Find Funny Swirls"

It was a friendly match, a charity kick focused on sick kids. Bursaspor and Fenerbahce, two traditional Turkish clubs, put themselves at the service of the good cause. Thousands of spectators were in the stadium, many children. The live TV show showed footage of the stands before the kickoff – and then greeted a supposed boy who shot a cigarette laughing …

From this moment, the game's message is a little hanging in the viral fog. The smoking child dominated social networks.

Now it turns out that the "boy" is Kenan Vatansever. He is a fan of Bursa – and a 36-year-old family man, apparently blessed with an extremely young appearance.

Relative to the portal Grouvy Sport, he states that the excitement had first bothered him, but "in the meantime, I find the vortex funny." According to the TV footage, his cell phone broke down "because so many messages and calls are entered".

For Kenan Vatansever, who claims to be "absolutely healthy," such situations are not new. The purchase of cigarettes is a problem as important as driving. He must regularly show his driving license: "Sometimes the police do not even want to believe my age," he told Grouvy Sport.

It is possible that Vatansever, after the appearance on television, still has an epilogue. Smoking in public is prohibited in Turkey. Also for adults.