Tennis: 70 children choose the town master in Melle

Wellingholzhausen. In summer, and therefore the ideal sports weather last weekend, the youth championships of the Meller tennis city took place at TV Wellingholzhausen.

In total, more than 70 children and adolescents aged six and 18 clashed. In order to be able to play the many games exclusively on the Wellingholzhauser Tennisanlage, the directors of the tournament, Catrin Dreßler and Maren Seling, experimented with a shortened game mode. The youngest started playing with a score of 2: 2 – but still finished with a normal score of 6: 3, 6: 3, for example. Overall, they had fewer games to complete.

After three days of exciting matches and after a successful tennis weekend, the Meller Stadtjugendmeister was honored on Sunday by Wellingholzhauser Mayor Bernd Gishoidt.


Kleinfeld girl:

1. Luisa Kruse (Miss)
2. Meggie Rutenkröger (Riemsloh), 3. Marta Schlüter (Riemsloh)

U10 girl

1. Lilly Kruse (Miss)
, 2. Liliana crane (Melle)

U12 girl:

1. Carlotta Seling (Wellingholzhausen)
2. Leni Drescher (Miss)

U14 girl:

1. Finja Seling (Wellingholzhausen)
2. Caleen Dreßler (Wellingholzhausen), 3. Franka Heidenescher (Welling), 4. Hannah Andritschke (Miss); Secondary tower: 1. Minza Muhle (Melle), 2. Jule Kuhr (Melle)

U18 girl

1. Linda Ukena (Miss)
2. Jana Korbion (Riemsloh), 3. Alice Heitkamp (Buer), 4. Maja Grolle (Miss).

Boys from Kleinfeld:

1st plaice, Simon (Riesloh)
, 2. Fritz Völlmicke (Miss), 3. Titus Fechtner (Miss), 4. Vyncent De Buhr (Miss)

Boys U10

1. Benedict Dreyer (Buer)
2. Darius Bindle (Miss), 3. Frederik Muhle (Miss), 4. Karl Schlüer (Riemsloh); next round
1. Louis Lammers (Miss), 2. Leander Ebbeke (Miss)

Boys U12

1. Jacob Werges (Miss)
2. Mathis Weber (Miss), 3. Anton Schmieder (Miss), 4. Adrian Rust (Buer)

Next round:
1. Janek Frenzel (Riemsloh), 2. Max Mithöfer (Miss)

Boys U14:

1. Jack Rutenkröger (Riemsloh)
2. Lias Tack (Gesmold), 3. Norick Hölscher (Gesmold), 4. Dimitri Seifert (Riemsloh); Second round: 1. Jendrik Frenzel (Buer), 2. Elias Komm (Buer)

Boys U16

1. Michel Langer (Miss)
2. Noah Werges (Miss), 3. Laurin Rauer (Westerhausen), 4. Philipp Tack (Gesmold); Second round: 1. Arne
Holkenbrink, 2. Helge Barrenpohl

Boys U18

1. Finn Könemann (Miss)
, 2. Neol Penke (Westerhausen)