Sport Star: Award Winning Rescuer


Members of the German Society for Rescue and Rescue (DLRG) Sachsenburg-Mittelsachsen were awarded with the bronze star of the sport. Thus, the association's commitment to its president Ulf Hoffmann for his summer camp project is appreciated. In the youth are initiated to use as a lifeguard. Girls and boys also receive knowledge of civil protection. The "Stars of Sports" club competition is launched all over the country by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken. This prize rewards sports clubs that are particularly socially engaged beyond their sports offer. At regional level (bronze) Volksbank Mittweida participates
At the summer camp, 53 participants were trained this year, not only to rescue them on the water, but they also got to know the tasks that needed to be mastered on the shore.
DLRG Mittelsachsen, based in the Frankenberg district of Sachsenburg, is also dedicated to competitive sport with numerous participation in national and national championships. Next year, members of DLRG Mittelachsen-Sachsenburg celebrate their 30th anniversary.
The prize awarded by Volksbank Mittweida to the star of the sport in bronze is 1000 euros. The Sachsenburger can now travel to Dresden in October to award the silver star of the sport, which corresponds to the Landesausscheid.
Second place goes to SV Wacker Auerswalde Turning Center with its three-day training camp for young athletes. Third was the SV Fortschritt Lunzenau with its intergenerational sports offer. "Our youngest member is less than a year old, our oldest over 90," said club chief Tommy Haeder. The goal is to build a multifunctional building for several generations on the sports field. (RoSD)