Legal success is only a beginning

It was a last desperate attempt and ultimately pointless to give a ride to the lost cause. The plaintiff's lawyer cautioned against the financial implications of the change of power at Tennis Borussia and predicted that the club would not fall lightly. But in the dispute between the former and the new leaders of the Berlin Football League, this warning on the one hand, without legal relevance, on the other hand, it also clearly exceeded the heart of the record – who showed the trial in the Charlottenburg Court of First Instance on Wednesday.

Since Jens Redlich was forced to leave his post by opposition within the club at the end of July, he and his supporters harbor the prejudice that new leaders literally ruin Tennis Borussia. Because, allegedly, they lack not only financial means, but also of all the capacities to direct such an association.

The lawsuit in which Redlich crashed refuted these reservations impressively: his attorney was not at all equal to those of the other party. Even if it was not, the change of power showed how much the active supporters, who they were supposed to not be allowed to leave the club, prepared professionally for the fight with Jens Redlich.

The success makes them right: Tennis Borussia members brought back their club, which seemed to be already lost. Lost in front of a financier used to making lonely decisions; derives its power primarily from the amount of its financial benefits and has therefore had to take no account of anyone.

The victory of the members, which was also legally approved Wednesday, is not important enough to be estimated, because it was an unequal battle in which the rules of fair play were not always respected. For this reason, it is not known for the moment whether Redlich will eventually be defeated.

Jens Redlich failed in his lawsuit against his impotence at TeBe.Photo: Gregor Fischer / dpa

Redlich would have put 2.8 million euros in the club

For this reason too, the legal success of the previous opposition is in two respects only a beginning. Because you do not know what will happen to Redlich and his followers. And because the real work for the new management of the club really begins only now. She must solve the chaos that she has found at the office, while creating a sustainable structure for the future – financially as well.

Until then, when Borussia's tennis was found run out of money, Jens Redlich was content to shoot after what the club needed – or what Redlich thought he needed. of TeBe. So he put in three years, according to their own information 2.8 million euros in the club. Incidentally, no apparent success. When Redlich joined Tennis Borussia, he played against the league's first team; she is still doing it today. From a thoughtful approach to the abundant financial resources of TeBe, there could be no question of anything in the last three years. The professionalism that the new management of the club put in the fight for power with Redlich that day, Tennis Borussia certainly did not hurt.