Joachim Loew is expected to resign from his position as national coach

A year ago, Joachim Löw launched the project "Neueranfang". The former successful trainer presents himself as an inefficient project leader and critical critic.

Germany will probably qualify for the 2020 Europe Championship. Whether first or second group is basically irrelevant. The way in which the German team has played not only in the last two international matches, however, casts doubt on the fact that the DFB team will also play a good role in the European Championship. On the one hand, the fluctuating performance is due to the fact that, as coach Joachim Löw continues to emphasize, many players are still young. To a large extent, the sports problem, but also to Joachim Loew to solve.

After the embarrassing preliminary phase of the World Cup, Löw was now one year to launch the project. The scale is extremely poor: in the beginning, Löw was only temporary. At first, Sami Khedira was eliminated immediately, but Leroy Sané, still at the World Cup, became a bearer of hope. The sporting success was still lacking: after a victory in four matches, Germany came back from the first leg of the League of Nations. Löw's reaction: Before qualifying for the European Championship, he served the Bavarian trio of the time, Hummels, Boateng and Müller, in Munich with an unexpected flash.

The Germans' game against Northern Ireland is worrying

In qualifying for the European Championship, with the exception of the Dutch, smaller nations waiting as opponents, the German team is well into the target but only if you look at the point count. Nobody was expecting a peat festival against Northern Ireland, but the match was a source of concern: during the attack, the German team found a way to counter with great discipline, but without great tricks, defending the Northern Ireland team was hardly a means. The goals fell on good individual performances of the players. The defensive has faltered in the British's attack efforts, however, is debatable.

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Read Now: Today's edition of your daily newspaper in electronic form.

These are problems that can not only be explained by the youth wave of the DFB team. Löw has not managed to give his team a coherent concept. Just as unstable as the 59-year-old player switches between a chain with three or four channels, also affects the policy of his staff. Hummels, Müller and Boateng, the Bernese trio rocked by Bayern, were one of the mainstays of the team – and suddenly left the woods. Sané turned out not to be good enough for the World Cup team – and was shortly after a regular player.

Self-criticism is not perceptible at Löw

Löw insists on the legitimate criticism of his work. We should "do not let that go too close to you," said the coach RTLIt's this same Löw who said after the World Cup to have been "almost arrogant" in some situations because he had stubbornly stuck to his tactics. Barely a year later, this self-criticism is barely noticeable.

But it should be recognized that not only some players of the World Cup team, but also the coach themselves seem to have exceeded their performances.

Löw should leave – and if he is not ready, the DFB must act. The current national team is also able to significantly improve its performance.

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