Club work creates social bridges

Sports achievements are often at the forefront with clubs. The "sports stars" are different. The award recognizes the work of the association and honors its special commitment to the region, "said Klaus Peters, CEO of Raiffeisenbank Westeifel eG, as part of the presentation of" Stars of Sports "to the significance of the award. they want to honor the silent heroes of the work of the association, the Raiffeisenbank West Eifel, the Volksbank Eifel and the bank Raiffeisen Irrel, many guests of the political life, sports clubs and cooperative banks of the region, are in Hillesheim for the Crime Hotel, according to district administrator Heinz-Peter Thiel, a place that is conducive to sporting awards, because the story of the site's exciting crime, conducive to equally exciting moments as they happen again and again in the sport, fits well.

6.4 million euros for social engagement

At the "Stars of Sports" competition, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken recruited socially engaged clubs at local, state and federal level. Prizes will be awarded to clubs that engage in sustainable social engagement in their region, beyond the normal sporting program. The commitment has virtually no limit, it can for example relate to the areas of education, volunteering, integration, inclusion or protection of the nature and the environment. In 2004, the "Stars of Sports" were awarded for the first time. By allocating them at the regional, provincial and federal levels, the participating associations have so far received a total of around € 6.4 million for their social commitment.

Bronze stars for municipal winners

The "sports stars" in bronze are awarded annually to the associations of Vulkaneifelkreis and Eifelkreis Bitburg-Prüm. This year, ten clubs in total have applied, from which the jury then chooses the winners. This year the following clubs participated: TUS Arzfeld, Eintracht DIST, SV Neunkirchen-Steinborn, FZM Philippsweiler, Pronsfeld-Lünebach LG, Judo Prüm Club, RSC Prüm, Skiclub Prüm, SV Schleid and SV Winterspelt. The clubs FZM Philippsweiler, Judo Prüm Club, RSC Prüm, Skiclub Prüm and SV Winterspelt each received 100 euros. Eintracht DIST and TUS Arzfeld each received a prize of 250 euros.
Third place went to SV Scheid with his project and won a prize of more than 500 euros for the work of the club. The LG Pronsfeld-Lünebach was pleased with the second prize and a bonus of 1,000 euros. The winner of the competition at the municipal level is the SV Neunkirchen-Steinborn with its holiday recreation offer, which is exemplary according to the jury and should encourage imitation.

LG Pronsfeld-Lünebach at the country event

Each of the three banks also had the opportunity to send one of the three sports clubs into the race for "Stars of Sports" in cash, the national level prize. At the end of the ceremony, Detlef Maiers, marketing manager at Raiffeisenbank Westeifel eG, announced that LG Pronsfeld-Lünebach had won a state-level award. Which is that, decides on November 21 at the Mainz State Chancellery.

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