Basketball steeples are on the right track

Again, it was nothing of a friendly victory of Ehinger basketball playerbut the coach has achieved "a step forward". The team Ehingen Urspring spontaneously scheduled Tuesday night a preparatory match against his rival, the Nuremberg Falcons, ProA, because the duel of Tübingen had been canceled the previous week.

In the middle of the Franks, who were coached for the first time by new coach Vyautas Buzas on the sidelines, there was a loss of 72: 80. Reinboth had used eleven players. The head coach of Steeples had to give up American actor Darnell Foreman, who is still suffering from an injury. He also had to spare dual-license player Bruno Albrecht.

Newcomer Greg Malinowski adapts well

Although Franklyn Aunitz and Gianni Otto did their job well, Foreman would have done well to lead the team. "It's really not optimal to do the preparation without the regular player in this position – Darnell does not have the overall team as a major player," Rebell said. The only good thing is that Otto and Aunitz could take on more responsibility and have more time to support Foreman, reinforced during the season.

Meanwhile, new recruit Greg Malinowski fits in on his second try, surprisingly well. After six days, the young American, who is for the first time in Europe, also suffers from jet lag. It goes without saying that the rhythm is not quite there yet. "I'm positive," says Reinboth. After three more training sessions and the test in Kirchheim, we must now climb. Defensively, his team in Nuremberg had already shown real progress, only the success rate needed improvement.