A new strand for RB DNA

Julian Nagelsmann is the trainer of RB Leipzig since the summer of 2019.

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Julian Nagelsmann is the trainer of RB Leipzig since the summer of 2019.

This discussion on the basic order goes to the pointer. Notably because of this attitude, Julian Nagelsmann is considered a tactical handyman. Therefore, it does not surprise him that he wants to change something in Leipzig: "I do not want to minimize what was here before, I would do three crosses if I came back also third, I say it honestly, but he Is to evolve ".

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This is mainly due to the change, but still hated, of the basic order: instead of 4-4-2, the system leaves Nagelsmann in play in 3-5-2. Given that this new system – whether old or not – is usually only visible at kick-off, it is worth it considering the beginning of the dream in Leipzig (3 games, 9 points, 9- 2 goals).

The start of the Leipzig season: three games, three wins

1Union Berlin0: 4RB Leipzig
2RB Leipzig2: 1Eintracht Frankfurt
3Borussia Monchengladbach1: 3RB Leipzig

Julian Nagelsmann relies on his personal possession at RB Leipzig

As already indicated by the new basic order mentioned above, Nagelsmann wants to return possession of the balloon to Leipzig more efficient in the living room. At the top of the agenda since this summer is a controlled and particularly flat game structure.

However, the highly-quoted DNA-RB actually lives off the balloon's possession. For Nagelsmann, however, to possess means: "A higher probability of achieving the goals, the better personal ratio for the counterpressing and for the opponent to give the feeling, that he can counter, although he can not counter . " And then the RB-DNA strikes again.

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If his team cautiously advances the ball into his own ranks and plays here and there "Lockballs in the six-space", that is to say at least in Nagelsmann's jargon, he then creates "Gegenpressing conditions in the opposing half ".

This should also put an end to the lack of imagination against the lower ranking teams. During the past season, Leipzig has left 18 points against teams from the bottom half of the table.

Nagelsmann football in Leipzig takes time

For the Bundesliga, it was already working very well against the Berlin Union. It was after a preparation with heights (2: 0 against Rennes) and troughs (1: 4 against Zurich, 1: 3 against Aston Villa) not to go out.

Especially after the tight 3-2 win at VfL Osnabrück in the Leipzig Cup did not seem ready for the league. "We are still far from ideal, the big football that I imagine – and it will take a little" was the conclusion of Nagelsmann after the match.

A month ago, it was a month ago. Although players recognize "more structure in the game" (Willi Orban) and are hiding behind Nagelsmann's ideas, they clearly still have problems implementing them.

Julian Nagelsmann exceeds his players?

Since the beginning of the preparation, the tactical board is an integral part of every training session – according to Nagelsmann's maxim: a lot of help helps a lot.

However, Andrej Kramaric, of Hoffenheim, had quietly criticized his former coach after last season: "We change the system too often during the match.We are not robots, but people. 39, errors on the outside. "

The impression that he overloads his players, but Nagelsmann does not have. "If I notice three out of five information at the end of the week, that's fine, but if I remember seven out of twenty, it's better at least," said Nagelsman at the International Congress of coaching in August.

Julian Nagelsmann sets the basic principles at RB Leipzig

Nevertheless, Nagelsmann is by no means a professor of tactics motivated by the search for perfection. His players enjoy a great freedom on the ground, they must act only in certain railings.

In Leipzig, Nagelsmann installs principles to which players can always refer regardless of their already floating positions. For example: aggressively searching for the center or defensive blocking the path of deep passes in half of the opponent.

He wants to establish action plans ready for use – depending on the phase of play (possession of the ball, possession of the ball, offensive and defensive switching situations, standards). So, his players should have their heads free for creative actions.

Julian Nagelsmann calls for confidence and discipline

Confidence in the coach of the players is essential. And Nagelsmann demands – not only with its principles – the obedience of each player, but also his own protection. Because: the coach usually deals more with the opponent than the players. But it's only if the team implements the coach's well-founded instructions, he can protect himself from his team, said Nagelsmann: "So, my idea was shit."

The 32-year-old always leads his starting formation, his team of the day and the tactical alignment according to the forces of the opponent. If he's expecting a better team like Bayern on Saturday, then Nagelsmann goes from "fewer ball possession phases to more pressing situations" from.

As a result, he relies on "the strongest players with a defensive spirit associated with the three, four strongest offensive of the current form".

Julian Nagelsmann has a luxury problem and takes advantage of it

Thanks to the broad framework, Nagelsmann can afford games of reflection in Leipzig. Other coaches would probably talk about a luxury problem.

For this reason, Emil Forsberg was sitting on the bench for the start of the season at the moment – not the claim of the creative playmaker. After several minor injuries, Nagelsmann saw the Swede "far from being 100%". In addition, Marcel Sabitzer and Timo Werner shone regularly. This is why Forsberg is far from being written off. In the 3-1 win against Gladbach, he was in the starting lineup and was preparing the 1-0.

Nordi Mukiele, however, has been found in Borussia Park on the bench, although the Frenchman is one of the winners under Nagelsmann. In 3-5-2, the right back has found its place in the triple chain. Due to its central role, it can bring its play strength into the structure and does not have Lukas Klostermann in the nose.

However, in the duel against a more powerful opponent like Gladbach, Nagelsmann relies on players thinking in defense. The return to 4-4-2 is also an option.

Bayern, first test for RB Leipzig

The Leipzig team is a high quality toolbox for Nagelsmann. So high quality that experts such as Lothar Matthäus or Marco Rose even see the Saxons as championship candidates.

The individual tools work surprisingly well, but not yet perfectly together. The duel with Bayern is a Zerreißprobe at the beginning of the Leipzig Nagelsmann project. This will reveal the status quo of the desired future development.

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