This is why the Eisbären Bremerhaven will not stand up

Petra Philippsen

The basketball players of Bremerhaven have lived a lot, the chaos is over. New players, new CEO – but push the legacy.

Polar bear fans in jerseys and sailor caps passionately dismiss their team.

Hard and loyal: Many polar bear fans also want to go to the ProA League games.

Image: Imago | Hartmut Bösener

For a long time uncertainty reigned at the Eisbären Bremerhaven. After the fall of the basketball league in the spring, many questions remained unanswered first: would it continue in the league ProA? And if so, with which players? With which sponsors? And who would assume responsibility in the club in the future? The most important questions have now been answered and not only since the beginning of the training at the beginning of the week, it is clear: the polar bears of Bremerhaven are launching a lot of momentum in the restart.

After a chaotic season in which the Bremerhaven basketball club has not always given a professional image, it has become much quieter. The structures of the staff of the association have been changed and the most important personality is certainly: Stephan Völkel replaced Wolfgang Grube as general manager. In the future, Grube will remain in the background and only sit on the supervisory board, thus avoiding any operational activity.

Bear services by mine

Wolfgang Grube, CEO of Eisbären, in conversation with sports flash.

Ex-CEO Wolfgang Grube made clear during polar bear interviews.

Too often, Pit had problems with his statements in the club. And his decision to establish American Dan Panaggio as a financier, buyer of players and even coach as a strong new man of polar bears, quickly proved to be a capital mistake. Panaggio has also largely disappeared in the background. The clumsiness of Grube in the external presentation of the club he confirmed four weeks ago during an interview with Buten an inside.

The pit has fallen a bit further than complaining by name to large companies based in Bremerhaven, which have not offered themselves as sponsors for polar bears. Then he also made the fundamental mistake and complained of his own fans: "Vechta was relegated two times in a row and the hall was always full.I also wish such fans to Bremerhaven – our fans stayed away. " It is not surprising that his successor, Völkel, now has his hands full to refine the cracked image of polar bears and restore professional structures.

We must reorganize completely. Also with regard to the economic aspects. Our communication needs to be improved, it's our fans and our sponsors. We must be more present in the city.

Stephan Völkel, CEO of Eisbären, in the "Nordsee-Zeitung"

The climb would be too expensive

Anthony Canty shoots his tongue while dribbling.

Polar Bear faithful: Anthony Canty has extended his contract as well as Adrian Breitlauch.

Image: Imago | Hartmut Bösener

With Michael Mai, the polar bear could hold the coach and he built a team of flexible players. This means that you can play at more than one position. Adrian Breitlauch and Anthony Canty are the only professionals from the former team to support the transition to the second division. Moreover, with Sid-Marlon, Theis is a powerful attacker who should assume his responsibilities. Just like Americans Rohndell Goodwin, Joshua Braun and Kasey Hill. Striker Will Vorhees comes straight from college. Moses Pölking wants to gain experience as a Regional League player in the ProA. Oliver Clay played for the last time with Rostock in the ProA. Nine players have already met May before the opening of the season on September 21 against the Bayer Giants.

I like the team we have. If the team is spared from injury, we can have a lot of fun.

The polar bear coach Michael Mai in the "Nordsee-Zeitung"

Theis has already said "my goal is to get back into the BBL" and Goodwin also said, "I guess we will not play to keep the league, but we will look for it." But they will probably have to be patient. Because even if the polar bears promote the Bundesliga in a fun way, the club will not rise anyway next spring. This could be heard from the environment of Bremerhaven polar bears. The reason: sites contaminated at a height of seven digits. A direct ascent is unstoppable. The club wants to get financially healthy and at a reasonable pace, in the medium term, to return to the Bundesliga – with its supporters at the back.

Polar Bear Boss Pit: "With braked foam in the 2nd league"

General Manager Grube during an interview at Sportblitz studio.

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