The torn Brendel series – Vierer is back on the road to success

Sebastian Brendel missed the title of the course. Photo: Tamas Kovacs / MTI / AP (Image: dpa)

Sebastian Brendel missed the title of the course. Photo: Tamas Kovacs / MTI / AP (Image: dpa)

Szeged (AP) – This time, Sebastian Brendel was left in the last meters of the forces. The three-time Olympic Canoe Champion missed his fifth world series title on his 1,000 meter parade in the Canadier One.

The 31-year-old from Potsdam had to console himself at the World Championships in Szeged, Hungary, despite his half-way lead. He missed five hundredths of a second at the end for bronze. The victory was won by Brazil's Isaquias Queiros dos Santos, ahead of Poland's Tomasz Kaczor and France's Adrien Bart.

It's the incredible series of victories after five years torn apart. But after a World Cup season without a win, Brendel knows a year before the Olympics: he can compete in the world class. After all, he had made Saturday the 500-meter non-Olympic distance his eleventh World Cup coup perfect and ensured with a 12th place title over 5,000 meters for a gold-medal finish.

Brendel had also doubled his race until halftime after Chinese Pengfei Zheng hit for the first time. But then Potsdam could not counter because "I had invested too much at the beginning". After that, he was heartbroken. "The disappointment is huge, I definitely won a medal," said Brendel, adding about the Olympics: "The quota for Tokyo is secure, now I have to work regularly." In the race that followed he had declared, "I am only a human and not a machine."

Back on the road to success is the flagship of the German Canoe Association. The four-man kayak suffered the first defeat in a major race in three years at the European Games in Minsk against Russia. The Max Rendschmidt, Ronald Rauhe, Tom Liebscher and Max Lemke could all be counted on again. With gold in front of Spain and Slovakia, the crew highlighted its favorite position for Tokyo 2020.

"Köszönöm Szeged", tears in his eyes, said the 37-year-old record holder Rauhe: "It worked very well in our boat". He celebrated his 16th World Cup title since his last World Cup appearance since 1999. The Tokyo Olympics should be the golden end.

Previously, the women's quartet consisting of Sabrina Hering-Pradler, Franziska John, Caroline Arft and Tina Dietze was only sixth, more than four seconds behind the victorious Hungarian.

The newly formed kayak is associated with the experienced Max Hoff and the young Jacob Schopf on 1000 meters. With a win from start to finish and a long advantage, the duo won the Spanish Francisco Cubelos / Inigo Pena and French Cyrille Carre / Etienne Hubert. "Jacob did a fantastic job, he pushed me back so much, not only did we get along so well, but we harmonized well in the boat."

However, not all wishes have been realized in the fight for the Olympic quota places. Canada's top two with Magdeburg Yul Oeltze and Leipzig's Peter Kretschmer missed the hat trick of the World Cup. At least the quota quota for Tokyo is set. "We must now look for our opportunity next year, the Chinese were very hot this year," said Kretschmer.

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