Osnabrück loses the match at Nuremberg – and the goalkeeper

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by Florian Neuhauss, Grouvy Sport

VfL Osnabrück, missing, is threatened: goalkeeper Nils Körber.

VfL Osnabrück had a very bitter Sunday in Nuremberg. The second league climber conceded FCN not only a tight 0: 1 (0-0) defeat, but the crimson whites also needed a big backhand. Goalkeeper Nils Körber was injured at the end of the first half of the seemingly heavy knee and threatens Lower Saxony for a long time. Representative Philipp Kühn played well, but did not prevent VfL's fifth defeat in his fifth match at 1. FC Nürnberg. "It was an extremely intense game and we thought until the end that we could equalize, but it was not enough" Captain Marc Heider said after the game, which had strangely lasted 105 minutes, due to injuries and alcohol breaks in the summer.

Osnabrück applauds – but only briefly

Osnabrück was not impressed by the statistics and bravely defeated. Captain Marc Heider went left into the penalty area and skillfully handed over the ball. Anas Ouahim hid there, but his shot nearly missed the far post (5.). The initial phase was clearly VfL.

4.Spieltag, 25.08.2019 13:30 hours

1.FC Nuremberg


VfL Osnabrück



1.FC Nuremberg:
Mathenia – Sörensen, Erras, Hunter – Valentini, Geis, craftsman (46th Nuremberg) – Medeiros (71st Behrens), Hack (89th Kerk) – Dovedan, Frey

VfL Osnabrück:
Körber (45. + 2 P. Kühn) – Heyer, Gugganig (46th Köhler), Van Aken (75th Susac) – Agu, Taffertshofer, Blacha, Wolze – Amenyido, Ouahim, Heider


More data on the game

But the relegated Bundesliga came with a better playing time in the match. A free kick from Johannes Geis Körber misjudged. The deviated cross landed at the post (17.). Osnabrück defender Lukas Gugganig blocked at the last minute the player ready to shoot Michael Frey (19), who also failed six minutes later in Körber. The goalkeeper, who was standing far in front of his goal, had to make a long 45-yard shot by Robin Hack (43). Körber had just warmed up, then the sudden end followed: at the end of Iuri Medeiros' final, the 22-year-old was on the scene again, but was injured and had to go out (44).

The best chance of the first half, however, was Lower Saxony. After a direct pass, Ouahim is free on the Nuremberg Gate and finished ice cold (37.). But the flag is up – offside! Really? It took several minutes for referee Sven Waschitzki, accompanied by his assistant (!), To watch the video footage. The door was just not counted. Not because Ouahim was offside. But Heider, who was not even in the ball, had become active through a feint.

Geis pulls the tooth of Osnabrück

For the second half, Daniel Thioune, the VfL coach, changed the offensive and went from 3-4-2-1 to 4-4-2. The sign was clear: the VfL did not want to settle for one point. But the teams are now neutralizing themselves more and more. In addition, several injuries prevented the match from unfolding.

But in the final phase, the Osnabrücker were able to release less and less, they came out significantly. Körber's substitute Kühn saved his defense team against Enrico Valentini (74), but was helpless soon after, when Geis undressed without being disturbed at 20 meters and sank the ball in the corner (80th). VfL had more than a chance when Ouahim failed (85)). Neither in the final minutes of regulation time nor in the eight minutes of play stop came the growing danger.

Captain Heider: "It was not enough today"


Osnabrück, the fierce newcomer, lost 1: 1 in Nuremberg, but again posted a good performance.

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