Golf in its playful aspect

In Stppach, a little birthday has been celebrated! The Haarther Golf Open took place for the fifth time, already for the second time on the sports field of SC Germania Stppach-Haarth. The result was the Golf Open organized five years ago between Michael Schiemann and Sigrud Harm of golfers.

At the Golf Open, the sport is again a golf course. "It gets more interesting every year," said many spectators during and after the competition.

Before the competition in favor of the pet protection shop, professional golf club coach Tambach and Trickgolfer, Graham Glasgow, showed a small excerpt of his sleight of hand with which he walks through the crowd. Europe. It has become particularly evident that the golf ball, equipped with the appropriate technology and without much effort, can penetrate a particle board of 12 mm thickness. It can therefore be very dangerous to enter the golf course.

But also about the effects of different golf clubs (iron), he informed. It was particularly exciting when he hit the ball of challenger Michael Schiemann. At the same time, some spectators were allowed to refuse a balloon raised. To the surprise of the many spectators, at the end of the show there were also bubbles in smoke.

The challenger

Then, the 5th edition of the Haarther Golf Open and the fight of the "giants" started. Because Michael Schiemann challenged Sigrud Harm again in two competitions. Sigrud Harm was supported by ten golfers.

In the first match, ten large doses of a beer table had to be drawn with the help of a golf ball, which made it possible to donate to the animal welfare shop . In addition, the small golf ball should land in a competition field, of which 30 pieces were created on a sports field by means of floating ribbon. Each field had a different meaning. Either the golfer had to take an action or donate to the animal protection shop. The hardest hit was Michael Schiemann, who carried out various actions and had to put his shirt and tie under a cold "bucket shower".

In the second part, it was for the golfer with a hockey stick and a tennis ball in cans. Once again, the ball must land in an event field.

Hit with an ad

Here, the other challenger Sigrud Harm had to take one or the other of the actions. Golfers were also able to get help from the very interested public. Once again, the cans were searched several times. However, the golfer failed to throw the ball into the shredder in the middle of the competition fields. Michael Schiemann and other comrades motivated the golfer and increased the amount of donations of several hundred euros in one go. Last time, Graham Glasgow, professional and amateur golfer, did it – even with an ad.

Isabella Lunz commented on the games. Some additional spectators won the 5th Haarther Open Golf. Because on the side of the spectators also, one or the other euro has entered the donation oxen. An informative exhibition on the Animal Protection Scholarship, to which donations have benefited this year.mst