Giant clash for the Colts of Indianapolis

Andrew Luck announced his retirement.

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Andrew Luck announced his retirement.

"This is certainly not how I imagined it," said Andrew Luck at the most memorable press conference in recent NFL history, "but I pulled out, it's not an easy decision, it's the hardest decision to make, but it's the right decision for me. "

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Luck explained that his injury problems were endless: "For four years, I have been in this cycle of pain, detoxification, injury, detoxification – and that has no end – I felt stuck. issue I see is to no longer play football and I enjoyed the game. "

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He was stuck in this process "and I could not live the life I wanted to live in. After 2016, when I was in pain and I could not exercise regularly, I could not live the life I wanted to live in. I swore I would not do it again Now, I find myself in a similar situation again and the only way for me to go out and leave this cycle. "

The ankle wound, which had been bothering him for months, he did not want to describe it as a "drop that was overflowing the barrel", "I do not know if there was such a thing". For me, it was more of a missing process. "

Colts fans boo Luck out

Luck also pointed out that his real plan was to inform his teammates after Saturday's pre-season game. And to hold a press conference Sunday afternoon.

But several NFL insiders heard about Luck's decision ahead of the Chicago Bears game; when luck left the field in Indianapolis, he was booed by his own fans,

"It hurts," admitted luck, but his gaze was fixed on his successor: "Jacoby Brissett is a great guy, he is smart and he has sharp mind, I can not wait to support him and the how does he lead this team? "

Colts chief executive Chris Ballard said Luck began talks with the team last Monday to discuss his resignation. Ballard continued: "To the people who have been booing tonight: I understand that it is an emotionally charged evening, this young man has done a lot for this city, no one has died."

On the financial side, the team could now recover a portion of the signing bonus. Luck should then pay $ 12.8 million to the Colts.

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