After EM-Blech: "We feel very bitter"

The German hockey team defeated the 0: 4

The German hockey team defeated the 0: 4

Again well played, but in the end there was only metal: the German players competed after the 0: 4 (0: 1) in Antwerp against the Netherlands and the missed medal of the Championship of Europe with its own efficiency. "The fact is that, as in the group match, we were top in all the statistics, but that we lose with a score of 0: 4! A 0: 4 s is rarely felt so different," said coach Stefan Kermas.

Even in group stage, the selection of the German Hockey Federation (DHB) against Oranje was lower despite a good performance of almost 2: 3. In the match for third place, there was at least one even clearer result on the dashboard. The game does not match the result.

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Eight corners and 17 shots on goal earned the Germans – no revenue. "We can not beat Netherlands for much more, but we are significantly inferior in terms of the effectiveness of the circle," said Kermas, disappointed.

Even Captain Mats Grambusch could not believe the result. "In the end, after a game at 0: 4, we find ourselves empty-handed for the second consecutive time in an EC, which feels very bitter," he said. Even at the European Championships two years ago, it was enough for the team to finish fourth.

At the beginning of November, the DHB team will be on the program of the Olympic qualifying tournament ", but we will have to make a rigorous error analysis, but then, the boys will be well and we will have to do the work that we probably will not know until the end of September, it's called, with a mixture of willpower and maximum calm, "said Kermas.

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