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Zwanziger is laying criminal charges

Zwanziger is laying criminal charges

The former DFB president, Theo Zwanziger, has caught up in the summer fairy tale scandal to counterattack. The 74-year-old journalist said Tuesday at a press conference in Diez that he had filed a complaint for "false suspicion" against the prosecutor's investigator from Frankfurt and the federal prosecutor's office. as well as his assistant.

Last week, after years of investigation, the BA lodged a complaint against the championship winners. It should be a fast-moving process against the former high flying of the German Football Federation (DFB). By April 2020 at the latest, a first judgment should be rendered to prevent a limitation period. The accused is liable to a fine and a term of imprisonment of up to five years.

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Former DFB President Niersbach and Zwanziger, former DFB Secretary General Horst R. Schmidt and former FIFA Secretary General Urs Linsi have misled opposition "on the goal real of a payment of 6.7 million euros ". "So it was" complicity fraud "(Zwanziger, Schmidt, Linsi) or" help with fraud "(Niersbach).

The case against Franz Beckenbauer, former head of the CO, has been dismissed and will be prosecuted separately. The reason is the state of health of Beckenbauer, who, according to the BA "does not allow participation or interrogation during the main trial before the Federal Criminal Court". The DFB will act as a private plaintiff "for any claim".

The BA opened the procedure on November 6, 2015. Specifically, it is the 6.7 million euros that would have been proposed in 2005 by the organizing committee of the World Association Football World Cup. FIFA to former adidas boss Robert Louis-Dreyfus. Exactly, this sum had evidently flowed three years earlier in the form of entries from Beckenbauer and Louis-Dreyfus to the former head of the scandal Mohammed Bin Hammam in Qatar.

For the reference to FIFA, the organizers of the World Cup deliberately falsified an event in 2005 (cultural program of the World Cup). However, as the payment of the concealment for the DFB by concealment had also had a tax-reducing effect, the German prosecutor's office was also suspected of being suspected of tax evasion.

In mid-October of last year, the District Court of Frankfurt am Main decided not to open a case in the main proceedings. On the other hand, the prosecutor appealed. The decision of the Superior Regional Court (OLG) is still pending.

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