The highest price in the history of e-sports

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The highest price in the history of e-sports

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Passionate about "Dota 2" during an event in Hamburg

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The buzz of e-sports is reaching dizzying heights. At the "Dota 2" event, fans are earning a record prize. The beneficiary could be a German. He has already become world champion in 2017.

MImagine the following: At Wimbledon, a spectator of the legendary Grand Slam tournament buys a tennis racket, perhaps a few more balls – and at the end, 25% of the proceeds are donated at the official price. This is how the biggest electronic sports jackpot in history has come together. By crowdfunding. At The International, the World Cup in the fantastic strategy game "Dota 2" in Shanghai, it will be Thursday at no less than 32 million US dollars.

But how can this work? The Valve manufacturer has for years relied on the popular system of prize money, in which he himself contributed $ 1.6 million and let the fans do the rest. These buy a so-called Battle Pass, which provides them with special game content. 25 percent of it is in the pot. While the International still had $ 2.9 million in 2013, it will reach about $ 32.9 million in 2019 Wednesday morning. It can be and it will be even more until the final on August 25th.

This unique prize pool, even beyond this year's "Fortnite" World Cup ($ 30 million), is possible because fans and spectators are connected to the game. They usually play themselves, many since the release of the first version of the game "Defense of the Ancients" ("Dota") in 2003. "It is the tradition, the game is one of the oldest games of e-sport. and complexity is also a point. "Compared to" League of Legends, "" Dota "is still a little more demanding, said the expert of" Dota 2 " , Konni Winkler.

A German is credited with a lot

Sponsored by beverage giant Red Bull, the OG team was a resounding success the year before and reported $ 11.2 million in the $ 25.5 million jackpot. Valve entered new regions in 2019, for the first time, the mark of 30 million fell. And the chances of a German acquiring a lot of money this time are not even so bad. KuroKy Salehi Takhasomi, 26, of the Liquid team, already world champion in 2017 and then with his team of about 10.9 million dollars more, is again a favorite.

Salehi Takhasomi at one of his missions

A day at Salehi Takhasomi's office

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The quintet around "KuroKy" has also qualified for the final at the last two major tournaments in Paris and Moscow – also thanks to the captain. "KuroKy has incredible game intelligence and is one of the great veterans of the scene," said Winkler. Takhasomi clearly has the best of the four Germans represented in the tournament. The second German player Adrian "FATA" Trinks has a good chance of qualifying for the quarter-finals. That would mean for his team ninjas in pajamas of over $ 815,000.

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The other two Germans, Maximilian "qojqva" Bröcker of Team Alliance and Maurice "KheZu" Gutmann of Team Chaos, are only outsiders among the 18 starters. And yet, even if their teams drop out of the group stage, they receive more than $ 80,000. For comparison: Mohammed "MoAuba" Harkous, who became the first German soccer world champion "Fifa" in history two weeks ago in London, received $ 250,000 for his tournament win. In comparison with Valve, the manufacturer "Fifa" EA Sports does not collect money for its prize pool.