The brothers and sisters quickly pursue the police

They broke a roadblock, threw objects at the car to hang the police and then had to give up because of a puncture: Three suspects arrested in the night for Wednesday by officials of three police stations in suspense.


A broken rear light became in the night of Wednesday two men and a woman traveling through Stavenhagen fatal. Around 11:30 pm, a police patrol noticed the broken light on the VW Golf, which the police then wanted to stop.

What happened next occupied the officers of three police stations over the next few hours. Instead of following the police stop signs, the driver of the golf course accelerated strongly and then escaped on the B 104 towards Malchin. On the main road, a truck driver who had just arrived had to brake suddenly, otherwise he would have hit the rescue car. In order to get rid of the police, the Gulf had not only repeatedly avoided the left lane, but the detainees had also thrown objects into the street. The patrol car was constantly dodging, not to be touched, a police spokeswoman said Wednesday, continuing with a quick crossing of Malchin to the B 108 and then to Teterow. To this end, the police forces of Teterow and Waren had already been alerted. In Teterow, the police had set up a roadblock on Moltke Street, which could not stop the fugitives. The car then drove in red at a traffic light intersection, which also nearly crashed, and hit a car parked on Warener Road. The collision caused a leaked car tire to burst, with which the driver then even arrived on the Knickhäger high road. The car stopped, the passenger door opened and a man ran away and disappeared in the dark, police said.

In the car, the police then found two other people: a 21-year-old woman who was sitting next to the driver while the car was running and her 21-year-old brother at the back. Both did not want to tell the refugee man anything.

Why the three men had fled the police soon proved themselves. Thus, the registration plate attached to the car was not registered and the Golf was not allowed. In the woman's handbag, the police found a striking ring, a prohibited article under the weapons law. She also had papers for another brother – a 25-year-old man from the Malchiner region, the police said. Investigators suspect that he had controlled the vehicle, although he did not have a license. The 20-year-old had also shown physical abnormalities that could indicate anesthetic.

The criminal investigation is currently carried out against the siblings, in particular because of dangerous interferences in the road traffic, of dangers related to the road traffic, of falsification of documents, misuse of plates of registration, driving without a license, traffic offenses, the Weapons Act and the Narcotics Act. The investigation is continuing.