SRG released the season

DISTRICT MÖDLING. The sports gymnasium Maria Enzersdorf took advantage of the summer months to take stock (very satisfying) of the last school year of basketball: no less than six national champions were able to win the Maria Enzersdorfer in various competitions. Thus, the record season 2016/17 could be established. The RG Maria Enzersdorf is again, as in recent years, the most successful basketball school in Lower Austria and is also very successful in ball sports (including handball, volleyball). ball and football). Thanks again to the coaching staff for the summer season, not only to the dedicated coaches Landauer and Kopecky, but also to the gymnastics teachers, the director Sockel and the administrators Braunauer and Hartmann for their support. "I know from discussions with colleagues from other schools that this is not self-evident, and all the colleagues who have supplanted for us have put forth their homework and the tests have to be thanked," said L & # Coach Landauer.

The successes 2018/19
National Champions:
A2m (senior level without age restriction, without club player) – Team 1
A1m (senior level without age restriction, with club players) – 7th consecutive title
Aw (senior age group without age restriction, with club players)
C2w (1st year 2004, without club players)
C2m (lower level 1.1 2004, without club player – man)
D2w (lower level 1.1, 2006, without club players – female)
national vice-champion:
C1m (1st year 2004, with club players – male)
3rd place:
Bm (Oberstufe 1.1.2002, with club players – man)

Success at the federal championships
At the federal level as well, the GIS has had considerable success during the last academic year. The junior women's team finished with a lot of bad luck (with a double overtime loss in the prelims) in 7th place, with a record of 2 wins and 2 losses.

The girls of the advanced level, led by the excellent player Franca Rödhammer, finished in December 2018 at the Oberwart BM in excellent 4th place and scored with a very young team that had just won the medals.

The Oberstufe boys of the Bundesmeisterschaft at Oberwart have also achieved the highest level of success. Coach Landauer and coach Kopecky have won 6 victories in as many matches winning the title of state champion. This is remarkable in that only four players from the club were in the mode of the SRG. The rest consisted of talented football and football players, as well as former basketball players, where the two outstanding cases were Ben "the miracle of Henkes jumps" as well as Philipp "Koni" Konate ".

The only drawback is that this year many players of the top-level champion team, boys and girls, are leaving school because of Matura's success.

The SRG is therefore the school of ball sports in Lower Austria. This goal can only be achieved through constant quality work in physical education, in non-binding exercises and in the many special non-profit units of all carers.
It is time to thank you again. In addition to the dedicated Landauer and Kopecky coaches, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 3rd and 4th class gymnastics teachers (Pflug, Hollauf, Stumvoll Evi, Gruber at the time). Without your maximum support and complacency, these achievements would not have been possible. In addition, I would also like to thank Director Sockel and Administrators Braunauer and Hartmann for their support, as discussions with colleagues from other schools have shown that this is not self-evident. In addition, all the colleagues who have supplanted for us, school work and tests have gone further thanking me.