King football ruled the city

The state capital was entirely dedicated to the "king of football" yesterday. In the morning before the UEFA Champions League qualifying match between LASK and FC Basel, the Swiss club's fans crossed the center. The faithful of Linz's traditional club flocked to the stadium well before the kickoff.

There was a lot of curiosity on the sidelines: a resident of Gugl rented an internet platform for three of his carparks next to the Gugl-Oval. The cost: 20 euros per space. The car parks next to the stadium are in high demand, although the LASK was offering a service for its trailer of 600 parking spaces at a special price (3.20 euros) in the surrounding car parks.

video: Basler's fans passed by Linz in the afternoon:

Exchange Gabalier- for LASK tickets

Tickets were also in high demand. 14,000 visitors came to the game completely sold. There is no room for more spectators at the Linz stadium. But the need makes you inventive: So yesterday, a fan of the LASK wanted cards: By way of barter, he offered "" two tickets worth 180 euros for a concert of Andreas Gabalier in Vienna.

Fans escorted by police at the stadium

The first supporters of Basel have arrived in four buses shortly before midday. After a walk in the city, the followers divided into restaurants in the city center. From 5 pm, the Swiss gathered in the main square and started the evening playing football on the spot. Shortly after, the police escorted spectators singing aloud on the highway to Gugl. Their passion seems to have overwhelmed some: in front of the monastery courtyard, there was a fight between the Basel fans and the passers-by.

The supporters of the Linzer were clearly in the majority and left well before the coup to acknowledge that they were ready to give their full support to the LASK.



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