Federer: "It was just Bang-Bang tennis"

Roger Federer celebrates his return to the ATP circuit against Juan Ignacio Londero.

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A month after the painful defeat at the Wimbledon final, Roger Federer returns to the Tour with a sovereign victory. After the match, he explains why his performances are difficult to classify.

Successful return for Roger Federer: In his first match since the memorable Wimbledon final against Novak Djokovic a month ago, the Swiss left nothing to be desired, defeating Juan Ignacio Londero in two sets at 6: 3, 6 : 4 and a round of about an hour Do not stop the rain rain. As light as it may seem, the first game on hard ground since the end of March was not. "It was difficult with the break, but I'm happy to be back on the field – it's completely different from the grass or the sand," says the 38-year-old. match against Hartbelag pitted Federer on March 31 in Miami, where he won in the final against John Isner.

Against Argentinian Londero, nothing can be seen from the long and hard pause of the court. In the first set, he only loses five points while serving. And when he faces his opponent's only breakball in the second set, he defends it with a freezing icy half-volley. The service is working – and this should be crucial for the upcoming Cincinnati Games because: "The conditions are fast, faster than at Wimbledon, for example. In the first set, there was almost no rallies, it was just "bang bang" tennis, said Federer.

Roger Federer with an easy start to Cincinnati

After a short summer break, Roger Federer returned to the ATP circuit tonight. He paved the way for a third-round Swiss duel with a relaxed two-set victory at the ATP-1000 tournament in Cincinnati.


"Make the change in your head"

For this reason, it is also difficult to rank their own performance. "It's hard to judge such a game, it was very dominated by the service as the conditions were fast, that's why the rubber is here, but it's hard to say how good you play, because very few things from the base. "Federer states that mental adaptability must also be exercised in this regard. "You have to make the change in your head and tell yourself that it's not always a matter of forehand or backhand, but rather to serve, come back or explosive."

For his Argentine opponent, the current world number three in the interview of "SRF" only contained praise. "He can play very well on the fast court, he moves well and can take the ball early." In addition, Londero is a player who never gives up – which impresses the Swiss: "It's a quality that I respect especially in a player. "

Another Swiss duel threat

Thanks to the passage of the sovereign in the third round, the Swiss won a day off Wednesday. "I will recover, meet the fans, stay with my team and train a bit. But I still have a lot of tennis in the coming weeks, so I have to use Friday. "

The third round threatens the next Swiss duel with his friend Wawrinka, he believes. "Stan played a big game against Dimitrov," Federer warns, recalling the one-year-old game in Cincinnati last year: "I've had a very tough game against him year-round. last. "

Federer won the quarterfinals in three sets 7: 6, 6: 7, 6: 2. He sees this match but still today as a rebirth of Wawrinka after his long break. "Then we noticed that he was back."

Epic duel: Wawrinka enslaves Dimitrov in three movements

Stan Wawrinka must catch up on Dimitrov before he is still tied for the third set after a 5-1 lead.