"Federer does not deserve special treatment!"

For more than 16 years, the association Rives Publiques has been fighting for public routes, always on the lakeside, all over Switzerland. And the club's president, Victor von Wartburg (76) pushes a Roger Federer like no other.

Since mid-July, the god of tennis owns a property located on Lake Zurich. 16,000 square meters. With direct departure from the lake. In the countryside near Rapperswil-Jona SG, the star of tennis plans to build his new house. Good and good, find Von Wartburg. But: Federer must make public the coastal zone of his domain.

The subject triggers lively discussions at LOOK. The vast majority of Federer holds the pole. The Hanspeter Gisler opinion of Weggis finds great support among the readers. He says: "Mr. Federer bought the property and certainly paid a good price, so he has the word! Everywhere the envy and resentment."

"Büenzlis stop on the right"

John Steed of Chur also commented on the user's comment: "Some people have nothing better to do during the day than to cause problems to other people." Büenzlis just stops! " Many consider that it is totally false that Federer makes his land accessible to the public because: "Who can pay so much for a plot, he should also be able to use his talent," says Dani Ruegg of Hombrechtikon.

Sophia Hefti from Lenzburg puts Federer's intimacy in the foreground: "For a guy like Federer, it can be very uncomfortable – I would not want a horde of fans on my shore every day!"

Many critics to Victor von Wartburg, president of the association "Rives Publiques". Daniel Q. Frei, from Zurich, writes: "In my eyes, an elderly and bitter man who wants to do something to someone who feels better.He should have a hobby that does not bother others. "And Kurt Schütz from Beberist finds:" A pensioner who has nothing else to do. "

However, Robi Kellerhals, of Zurich, opposes it: "It is always a man who has the sense of responsibilities", he declared.

"Federer does not deserve special treatment"

But Federer not only receives support. There are also readers who face 38 years old. Reto Stork, for example, writes: "Federer does not deserve any special treatment, he now resides in Dubai and I am not sure that he will pay a tax ceiling here, and then they are all the same. "

In fact, it is clear that Federer is legally on the safe side. Marie-Theres Huser, a lawyer and specialist in construction law issues, says: "There is no legal or moral obligation to allow this." (See box below)

Comments like that of Martin Fischer of Seengen are punished by readers. He writes, "It's wonderful to see how a god of tennis gets the intelligence of his followers, try the same thing as normalos."

Others still see the problem more fundamentally. "Personally, I find it distressing that our lakes are not accessible to everyone, no matter the owner of the property.The Swiss lakes are not owned by any people," writes Mike Meister of Langenthal.

Fritz Brandt from Rheinfelden thinks he has found the solution: "For five years, the shore has been owned by Federer, after which it is public, and I assume that Federer will not play tennis before the boarding house and the hype will ensue. "

This is the legal situation

The request is clear: Victor von Wartburg of Rives Publiques wishes that the shore of the lake located on the property of Roger Federer in Rapperswil-Jona SG is freely accessible to the public. "There is no legal or moral obligation to admit it," answers Marie-Theres Huser.

Huser is a lawyer at Spiess + Partner and a specialist in construction law issues. "There is no cantonal legal basis for a continuous route at the lake. In addition, such a route would constitute a structural intervention in the protected banking landscape, which makes it imperative to have a balance of interests, a planning procedure and the taxpayer's loan commitments.

The argument that most of the Swiss lake shore is already built, Huser does not apply. "Especially in the city of Rapperswil-Jona, there are already many attractive access to the lake." And also the fear that Federer

As Von Wartburg feared, Shore might not be well founded. "In Switzerland, the minimum distance between water and water is 20 meters, so Federer has to stick to that."

Nevertheless, getting closer to Federer property is not impossible for ordinary citizens. No law prohibits swimming in water along the shore … (leu)