accident drama! VW Golf crushes against a tree, but no one notices – with fatal consequences

A 21 year old male arrived with his VW Golf on the L280 in the district of Celle, Lower Saxony, and crashed against a tree.

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That had a serious accident. A man crashed into a tree with his VW Golf, but no one noticed it. With fatal consequences for the 21-year-old.

  • That suffered a serious accident on the night of Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • On the 280 highway, a VW Golf went out of the way and crashed against a tree
  • But no one noticed the accident, which had fatal consequences for the 21-year-old driver.

That – For a serious accident It is the night of Wednesday, August 14, 2019 in the morning. L280 in the Celle County come. A 21 year old man came with his VW Golf from the road and crashed into a tree. But no one has that accident a few hours later, a passing motorist called the police. It was for the young manfatal consequences, On this subject Accident drama in Lower Saxony reported *.

Lower Saxony: Volkswagen Golf crushes in the district of Celle between Unterlüß and Faßberg to tree

in the Celle County in Lower Saxony has become a Accident drama occurred. On the journey between Unterlüß and Faßberg, a 21-year-old man with his VW Golf in a left turn to the right of the L280 from. The vehicle crossed the green strip for a hundred meters on the edge of the road and touched several trees VW Golf it's crashed with the driver's side in front of another tree and stopped. the dramatic: nobody noticed that accident – with fatal consequences for the 21 year old man.

Celle County: Accident VW Golf in Lower Saxony, but no one notices

First against 5:45 another motorist noticed the morning L280 The wounded VW Golf and called the police. Rescue forces also alerted could only death driver 21 years old. The young man is still dead at accident, Which is particularly tragic, however, is that accident probably already arrived a few hours earlier. This is demonstrated by the first discoveries of the police. Why the VW Golf, at the origin of the total loss, the country road in Lower Saxony has come out, is not yet clear.

Two weeks ago, a terrible accident occurred in Bröckel, in the district of Celle. A 23 year old woman lost control of her Ford Fiesta for unknown reasons and crashed into a house. First, the young woman and his co-driver, aged 54, could be released from the wreckage of the car with the most serious injuries, but they have now come after the horror accident of That to Sad.


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