A man, a smile, a name: Magic is 60 years old

He is considered the grand master of the Point Guards, a well-liked entertainment general in the park, the leader of Showtime. If much of the world of basketball is fighting today, whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the best, but almost everyone is in agreement: even Magic Johnson is in the top five. And the ball in his hands. Today, the magic man is 60 years old.


Magic Hands: Earvin "Magic" Johnson is considered the best playmaker in basketball history.

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Professional sports, a circus of extremes, also lives big names. And maybe Earvin Johnson Jr. would have been pretty much a good player, at least not even at least 30 years after his career saw teen basketball players at least once. Yes, if Earvin had remained Earvin.

By triple-double to pseudo

Johnson was still in the dark when, as a 15-year-old Everett High School sophomore, he caught one of his memorable evenings and journalist Fred Stabley Jr. of the Lansing State Journal, considering the triple-double of 36 points, 18 rebounds and 16 assists were made, written for the first time by "Magic".

Validation name. And when you're baptized Magic in adolescence, it's a burden that you can break up as well. Especially if you and your rival, who should remain your rival for the rest of your days, you will also suggest saving an NBA struggling with the crisis. But this boy put on his famous smile, an intelligent rebound goes to the floor of the hall and was already a rookie in the professional league.

The lightness of being

Already in his first year, Magic had led the Los Angeles Lakers to the league in 1980. When, with a height of 2.06 meters, he represented the injured Kareem Center Abdul-Jabbar in Game 6 of the final, with 42 points and 15 Rebonds collected. And some claim that the era without position is just beginning. It was the general prosecutor, who knew how to read and design the game better than anyone else was watching him. Magic Johnson – Basketball has never been so carefree, logical and yet illogical.

His delicate play as well as his Hollywood-like personality immediately made Johnson a figurehead of the restored professional league. And then there was always that smile. His team-mates and his opponents hooted alongside Magic, while he also managed to run, fight, distribute balls and throw balls.

I do not panic under pressure. I look around and make the right decision.

But that still gave Johnson the impression that it was not so exhausting, as if what he was doing – and that no one else could – was the lightest and most fun thing in the world. He just seemed to have one step ahead of everyone: "I do not panic under pressure, I look around and I make the right decision."

But the Magic, always smiling, that even the fans of his Arctic rival, the Boston Celtics, could not really hate, has also become a ruthlessly powerful machine. At least after minor struggles, his counterpart Larry Bird had already achieved the status of best player in the league. Johnson focused on the essentials and led the group "Showtime Lakers", a spectacular team that achieved quick wins, with a total of five championships.

In 1987, 1989 and 1990, he was elected MVP of the regular season, in three of his championships, also MVP finals. Before Michael Jordan, the kids wanted to look like Magic Johnson (some to Larry Bird).


When the smile disappears: November 7, 1991, Johnson announces the AIDS disease and the end of his career.
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At the peak of his creative power, in the fall of 1991, a shock ensued that even wiped the smile from the magician's face. Johnson announced his diagnosis of AIDS and, therefore, his immediate end of career. He rejoiced and made exceptions for the all-star game in 1992 and the Olympic Games the same year, when he was part of the legendary "Dream Team" – in 1996, he even attempted a brief return to be able to resign freely. ,

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, who now has a deep friendship with his long-time rival, Bird, will always be associated with basketball – especially at "his" Lakers. In Latin America, he was briefly coach, shareholder and president of basketball operations from 2017 to 2019. And anyway representing for life.

Larry Bird (left) and Earvin

"You hold my trophy, I speak": Magic Johnson and Larry Bird (left) have a special relationship.
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LeBron Magics Principle Copy?

The new franchise of superstar LeBron James has to do it, but now without magic, to win his first title since 2010. Specifically, after the engagement of Anthony Davis should have thought of these circumstances, very lank James finally slips in the role of the playmaker. So without magic? We can guess who James is oriented to.