To actively train the sport in the future

To actively train the sport in the future

Ramona Müller receives the 6th DOSB scholarship for the MBA in Sports Management. Applications for the program of studies are always possible

Due to the very good performances of the ten finalists, the decision was very close to Ramona Müller

Due to the very good performances of the ten finalists, the decision was very close to Ramona Müller

Photo: Arlene Knipper

A glance at the many sporting moments of the summer already shows the importance of well-educated sports leaders. Women's World Cup, Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, Tour de France or World Swimming Championships – no event will be a success without perfect history management. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has recognized this need and has awarded for the sixth time a scholarship of 13,000 euros for its MBA in sports management from the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.

Due to the very good performances of the ten finalists, the decision was made very closely by Ramona Müller. The scholarship holder embodies the versatility of this sport, which also shows in the summer of 2019, according to the selection committee. She has been involved with the Baden Turnerbund and the Federal Association of German Weightlifters.

In the expectation of interesting content

Her activities ranged from active sport to coaching as a judge, to public relations and coach education. Currently 28 years old, he is managing director of the Baden Handball Association. "The fact that my decision was made was a great satisfaction for me, because in Jena, an always powerful group met," said the new scholarship holder. "When I study at Jena, I look forward to discovering interesting content that will develop both privately and professionally, new networks that will give me insight into different industries and the opportunity to put into practice what I'm doing." I learned directly to the Baden Handball Association to be able to implement. "

"From the DOSB point of view, Ramona Müller is a very suitable candidate and has convinced us in every respect," explains Christian Siegel, head of DOSB's sports facilities and environmental department, who ultimately unanimously decided to increase it to 28 years. "We are confident that Ms Müller has great personal and professional potential to be able to play an active role in the evolution of sport in Germany in the future."

The invitation is a great success

"In addition to Ramona Müller, I also congratulate the other participants of the DOSB Fellowship 2019 Fellowship Evaluation Center in Jena, because the invitation to do so is a success," says Prof. Dr. med. Frank Daumann, Scientific Director of the MBA Program in Sport Management.

"I look forward to seeing them, as well as all the other students, starting next month, in October, from the MBA program, which still has some places to study and work together to shape the future. of sport, "said economist Jena, a specialist in sport and health. ,

For the MBA's two-year sport management program, anyone interested in the sport can apply to Jena until September 15th of this year.

Further information on the curriculum is also available at the following address: