Peter Lachnit and the Klosterneuburger Hall of Fame

The history of basketball in Klosterneuburg is not widely known by Peter Lachnit, who has been linked to the sport since the age of 10 and keeps an archive of the history of ball sports in Klosterneuburg for years 1980. His Hall of Fame of Hofkirchnergasse is also known in the city. But beyond the borders of the city, few fans know more about the particularity of Klosterneuburg.

To collect and write these stories, Manfred Schnurrer and Hanns Vanura put themselves in their book "Austria's Basketball History (n)". "We wanted exactly the characters and stories that Peter Lachnit and the Klosterneubruger Hall of Fame illuminate," says Manfred Schnurrer.

Originally, Schnurrer began writing a narrative book on the stories of former players of the national team. In 2014, he had already launched this large-scale project.

"The problem was to really find and reach all the old players, but with the result, we are satisfied, we have almost everything in the book," reveals the author.

Hanns Vanura, former president of the ÖBV, came to the conclusion that the authors had learned that they shared the same goals because Vanura wanted to write a book commemorating a jubilee.

By joining forces, a 464-page book could claim to be the largest Austrian basketball publication of all time. In addition to the stories mentioned by the players of the national team from 1948 to 2019, the book also contains a historical treatment of the entire history of the ÖBV, legionary stories remained, as well as a chapter on very particular basketball players and unique items.

"Statistical monsters can be disappointed, our goal was to shed light on the stories and their authors, not the numbers," says Schnurrer.

For Lachnit, the mention in the book is of course an honor: "As a basketball fanatic, I find it great that there is something like this now and as a Hall of Fame operator. 'is of course a particularly nice compliment to make.'

The best example of the many entertaining events that can be found in "The Basketball Stories of Austria" is for Schnurrer the one that passed between him and Lachnit. While searching for his book, he wanted to borrow Lachnit's book "De Ball to Slamdunk" of the same name. Lachnit, who usually finds legendary estimators, such as the first Klosterneuburger Dressen, in her Hall of Fame, could not help her: the book was out of print.