My life as a smaller Kambundji

She is considered an exceptional performer and her course was predetermined. Like his three older sisters Mujinga, Kaluanda and Muswama, Ditaji Kambundji also spent most of his childhood on the sports field. "My sisters brought me to all the competitions," says 17-year-old Bernese. "And soon I realized that I wanted more than watching."

Perhaps the greatest talent of all

The careers of the four Kambundji-Meitschi were different: Mujinga (27) became the fastest Swiss. Muswama, 23, like Ditaji, has discovered the fun of this sport at the UBS Kids Cup and, in addition to athletics, also indulges in bobsleigh. Kaluanda (28), the eldest, has abandoned competitive sport, while the Ditaji newsletter is making its debut.

"Ditaji is perhaps the greatest talent of the four sisters," said Jacques Cordey, former coach of Mujinga. Unlike Mujinga, Ditaji is not a pure sprinter. She also excels on 100 m hurdles and heptathlon. The once-fastest "Bärner Modi" set the fastest time in the Swiss Under-18 Championship over 60 meters hurdles, which has never been run in this age group. At the European Youth Olympic Festival in Baku, she ran in July in 3rd place over 100 meters hurdles.

Love instead of pressure to perform

But even if the Kambundjis sport has a high priority: excessive expectations, pressure or even jealousy, you are looking in vain in this family. On the other hand, you can feel a lot of love and cohesion. "My sisters and I are in constant contact and I always ask them for advice on important decisions," says Ditaji, who calls Didi. The proud Papi Safuka does not miss a match of his youngest daughter. And Mother Ruth thinks Ditaji, the youngest, probably has "almost had a love overdose".

Perhaps that's why Ditaji vaguely approaches her career: "Am I going to follow a path similar to Mujinga's?" I do not know. "One thing is certain for her:" No matter how big it is, it does not matter his speed, I will always be the smallest Kambundji. "

It's here that begins Grosses

The UBS Kids Cup is the most successful junior project in Swiss sport. Last year, more than 155,000 children and teens aged 7 to 15 years were measured at 60 meters sprint, long jump and ball throw. This summer, young athletes are competing again. Local eliminations on the cantonal finals go to the Swiss final on August 31st in Zurich Letzigrund.

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