Football: Neuensteins A-Juniors are not allowed to play in a group league

In fact, I wanted the junior JSG Neuenstein weekend footballers to go into the group league early. But the Football Federation of Hesse denied them the place.

The bottom

Go back to the previous turn. Since captain JSG Alheim of the junior league A Hersfeld-Rotenburg, JSG Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein II finished second and third JSG Haunetal.

Since Alheim gave up promotion in the group league, Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein II would have been the second to do so. JSG Haunetal, who joined JFV Burghaun at the beginning of this series, did not see it this way, as Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein could not evolve as a lower team – and therefore applied for eligibility to the group league.

The reactions

At present, the Football Federation of Hesse has come into play. The name of the regional commissioner of the Kassel region and the chairman of the committee's board commission within the youth committee of the association, Ulrich Gerke of Fuldatal, confirmed the right of rise of the "JSG Haunetal" – which however could not compete with JFV Burghaun / Haunetal in the group league of this round.

Literally, it says in the statement: "Since JSG Haunetal will join the JFV Burghaun, the JFV Burghaun can not replace the JSG who was relegated from the group league (see § 15, a point of order JFV Burghaun / Haunetal must be integrated into the Hersfeld / Rotenburg County League. "

Like the JFV Burghaun but has retained his place in the group league and did not have to dismount, the JFV Burghaun / Haunetal also participates in the running of the group league, which will start its round on the weekend.

We understand that this decision did not find any friend in Neuenstein. First, the reasoning of the association again. "During the 2018/19 season, the JSG Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein took part in the operation of the game with two junior teams.Indifferent the position of their teams, that they are mixed of all clubs or clubs (§ 34 of the youth order, point 12) … According to § 38b, paragraph 3 of the Rules of Play, all lower teams lose when they leave the first team., the right to promotion. "" Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein I "had to withdraw his team from play in the spring.

When Thorsten Claus, coach of JSG Kalkobes / Heenes / Neuenstein II, announces the decision to reset only his team. "There is paragrafenreiter, you qualify athletically, but then you are whistled, and then they complain when there are fewer and fewer youth teams."

The future

Claus, a living legend of Untergeis football, does not want to miss the pleasure of football. He begins his 20th year as a coach. And continue with his team in the county league. "Guys are very important to me," he says simply.