The talented Alina-Sophie Koch from Metzingen attracts the United States

Metzingen / Alexander Mareis

Metzinger, Alina-Sophie Koch, 18, will travel to Kentucky on Saturday, August 10th to study chemistry at Morehead State University and play golf at the highest level

Alina-Sophie Koch, of Metzingen, has made a name for several years as a talented in golf. She is now 18 and seems to be preparing for more ambitious goals. On Saturday, she makes a return flight from Stuttgart to Lexington, in the US state of Kentucky. She then travels to Morehead, a village about 110 km east, home to nearly 7,000 residents and home to the headquarters of Morehead State University.

Ermstälerin, 18, will be in the next four years in her red-box-like buildings, without much architectural pretension – unless she's somewhere golfing on the way.

For Alina-Sophie, Koch received a scholarship that allows her to play a lot of high-level golf while earning a bachelor's degree.

"It was important to me that I do not stay empty handed if professional golf does not work.With this option, at least, I have a bachelor's degree in chemistry after four years," says the 18-year-old woman, who will finish his 19th year in October.

Even Alina-Sophie Koch does not know if she wants to become a professional golfer. "The stock market gives me enough time to clarify this issue," said Koch.

Strictly speaking, the adventures of the United States began with the registration of Seven-Press City Girl on the Scholarbook Agency website. Their coaches like to use the data on young athletes, to keep track of the performance of potential candidates for a scholarship at a sports-oriented university through videos, tournament statistics from the past four years and their backgrounds. .

So it came that Koch responded to the requests of the same twelve American universities at home. But why Morehead, among all people, nestles idyllically in a heavily wooded and hilly landscape, but ultimately finds himself in a rural province with a mediocre public transportation system.

In addition to the fact that Morehead State University is one of the top 30 colleges in southern North America, Alina-Sophie Koch was not a fan Too enthusiastic about tourist destinations like California or Florida. The forces of nature and weather conditions in these two states are less favorable to Metzinger.

"I'm going to live in Morehead with three teammates from my women's golf team at the Morehead State University in a four-person apartment and a single room in the apartment, which is not obvious in the United States "Inadequate infrastructure should not be a problem because my teammates drive cars," says Koch, whose purse covers all costs, with the exception of flights to the country.

"The next four years will look like coming home every four months, for example, in January 2020, I'll be back in Metzingen, especially from mid-May to mid-August," Koch said.

With the degree Abitur 1.3 (German, Mathematics, English and Chemistry) from the Metzingen Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium and the current Golf Handicap 1.3 ("4 years ago when my profile was created by Scholarbook"), the # Student moves to the United States.

For Koch, this is the first time to live and learn abroad. "I would have liked to live a language holiday before, but I always leave that aside because I had to participate in golf tournaments in the summer," says Metzinger.

Now she can fully engage in her passion. In the United States, Alina-Sophie Koch will also see a thing or two off campus and at the golf course. With Morehead State University's women's golf team, she competes in the top division individual and team competition at the university level.

In the first half of the year, performance comparisons mainly take place in the state of Kentucky, located between the Midwest and the southern United States.

In the spring, however, from February to May, golf trips are also planned in Florida. "The tournaments usually last three days, from Friday to Sunday, because I will inevitably miss a few days in the university, according to my calculations, six missed university days come together in winter and seven more in the spring," Koch said. in detail.

This too is by no means a novelty for the calm girl, young, very far-sighted and mature. As a student in Metzingen, she even has more absences.

"I was often released from classes on Thursdays and Fridays because I was traveling with the Schönbuch Golf Club."

With the club based in Holzgerlingen, she recently came down from third place Regionalliga. As a pure lover, Metzingerin has never been rewarded in monetary terms. "The money is only available in the professional sector, but in this case, you can no longer participate in amateur tournaments nor compete with German golfers," she says.

Professional golfers participate in the PGA Tour, whose high-profile US tour (with a total prize of about $ 300 million) is the highest paid series of tournaments in the world. On European soil, the PGA European Tour is the first division.

If this will ever be a problem for Alina-Sophie Koch is still in the stars and should be decided in the next four years of her American stock market.

Proud clubs

At the Golf Club Hammetweil in Neckartenzlingen, where Alina-Sophie played at the golf club for the first time in 2005 thanks to her golfing parents, and to their current club, the Schönbuch Golf Club in Holzgerlingen, they can already be proud of their great talent. of himself says: "I was already used to golf for seven years and, at 13, I had finally decided to play golf totally, since then there has only been School and golf for me. "

Without his parents, Christine and Mathias, it would have been impossible. For example, they have provided countless travel services and supported many costs. "They have always provided me with total support," said Alina-Sophie Koch, to whom she owes her athletic success as well as the American Scholarship.