This Dresden tennis girl dreams of the top ten!

Dresden Iron will and impeccable service: 11-year-old Lavinia-Maria Nitzsche from Dresden could be the last tennis sensation in Saxony. In her age group, she is already the second best player in Germany. In the office of their parents, the trophies are stacked. On Sunday, she is fighting in Detmold at the youngest German national tournament, the unofficial German age group championship of 11 and under, in the final of the title.

Difficult service: Lavinia coaches almost daily to become a professional player later.

Difficult service: Lavinia coaches almost daily to become a professional player later.

This Lavinia is something special, noted her coach when she was eight years old. "It's actually too old for a tennis player, we usually start three years earlier," Lavinia said.

After only six months of training, she was allowed to participate in her first tournament. The one-year-old boys put the Dresdnerin loose in the bag.

"I even liked the fact that older boys cried at that time," chuckles the eleven year old boy. The wave of success has awakened their ambition. Now performance-oriented, trained in Lavinia, she goes to the Dresden School of Sport.

Talent does not come from somewhere. Papa Thomas (43) was the quadruple champion of the DDR biathlon, his mother Nadine (43) also likes to play sports. What is Lavinia good for? "The hardness of the shots and the fast and powerful game, many of them at their age can not do that," says father Thomas. "She's afraid to bite."

There is not much room for recreation outside of daily training on the TC Blau-Weiß Dresden Blasewitz course. "I always like to meet friends or play with my guinea pigs." If time permits, she also spends a lot of time with her parents and two siblings.

The tennis swimmer made no less than the top ten in the world rankings. But now, she wants to win the title in Detmold to be one of four girls DTB team next year.